Microneedling at Home Do & Don’ts !!!

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I hope everyone is well. Todays topic we are talking all things micro needling at home. If your following me a while now you’ll know I had three sessions of micro needling in Havana Skin Clinic Last year, and got amazing results. So now that I knew how I felt about the clinic treatments I wanted to compare it to the at home treatments too, as I know this is a more affordable option for those who cannot afford salon treatments.

So What is Mirconeedling ??

What is Micro needling – Micro needling is a Collagen induction therapy. Where it targets the upper dermis of the skin which produces Collagen and Elastin. Micro needling will awaken the dermis to produce the Collagen and Elastin. With ageing the Collagen and Elastin production slows down. They are natural factors in the body but we just need help to stimulate them to produce more.

If you are interested in reading all about my treatments and how I got on with Havana Skin clinic you can do so here.

Reasons why you’d have Micro needling ?

  • Acne Scaring
  • Chicken Pox Scaring
  • Open Pores
  • Mild Rosacea
  • Surface Pigment
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Fine Lines
  • Wrinkles

These are some of the reason why you would have Micro needling and as you can see, it really Is for all skin types.

So from having my consultation with Havana I know I am health wise ok to go ahead and use the at Home needling system from Derma Plump.

But do check before hand to make sure you are okay to do so, as there are some reasons why you couldn’t treat yourself like :

Blood Pressure issues

Active acne / Excema / Dermatitis


Irritated or infected skin.

Always best to consult before using.

Use for over the age of 21.

So I absolutely love micro needling and find it amazing for my skin. Yes you can be red and tender after but it’s all worth it.

So With the Derma Plump Products They offer the Roller itself followed with the masks, but you can use your normal skincare products at home to.

How To Use??

  • Cleanse your face , ensuring all dirt and makeup is removed.
  • Taking the Derma Plump Micro needling roller , which has 540 teeny tiny needling at a depth of 0.5mm which is perfect for beginners , you are going to roll  vertical , horizontal and diagonal around the face. Applying gradual pressure with the roller, avoiding the eye area.
  • You will begin to see your face go red, but this is a good response and is what we would like to see. Blood can be drawn but again this is normal. I find the nose and forehead the nippiest for me, but nothing on the pain scale that would make me stop.
  • Rolling on the face for 8/10 minutes changing areas after a couple of minutes. You can roll up to three times a week for 8 weeks and then you’ll need to dispose of the roller.
  • To clean your roller just run it under hot water after use and pop it back into the container it comes in.
  • What I would advise doing would be to roll for the 8 weeks, three times a week take a break for 2/3 months and then go again and so on.

After your 8/10 minutes of rolling you can then either go in with you normal skincare mask or moisturiser.

Once a week I will use the Derma Plump Masks, I find these are amazing for my overall skin tone and blemishes on my skin. With the Masks there is a choice from face masks , lip masks and eye masks.  All contain Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol A, which are going to hydrate , refresh and give moisture to the skin.

Using these active masks straight after needling allows the product to travel deeper into the layers of the skin, hence getting better results. I would highly recommend the masks.

The Face masks you get a pack of 3 and I apply one for 30- 60 minutes after needling. I use one mask every two weeks. The eye mask you get a pack of 5 using one a week and the same with the lip masks. You can needle over the lips slightly to get them a little plumper and then apply your mask , but again being cautious of cracked lips etc.

People always ask me about the pain and honestly it’s not sore at all. I just find it a little uncomfortable around the forehead, nose and jaw line. It’s like tiny little scratches. I always say to people the needle depth is not 0.5mm which is teeny tiny , so that’s all it will go into the skin.


One question I always get asked is about downtime and the redness after.  So I always do my treatment at night. I would be red , but nothing major going to bed. But by the next morning the redness will have completely cooled off. You can of course apply makeup an hour after treatment and mineral makeup is advised.

Straight After Needling

The Next Morning

One week Later

So Which do I prefer clinic Mirconeedling or at home ??

To be honest I find both the very same , but as I’v only had it done in Havana a couple of months ago, I couldn’t say if my results would be the same if I hadn’t. I absolutely love the at home needling and just find my skin is always in good condition. I have been using the Derma Plump products for 8 weeks now and absolutely find the appearance of my skin and open pores are  amazing.

I’ll be taking a break now for a couple of months and will start another needle in the summer. I love that it’s at home use and you can do it at your own pressure , comfort and the cost is great and maintainable.

I would love to hear from you guys who haven’t had micro needling in a salon or clinic and have been using the Derma Plump products at home.

Here’s some feedback I have received so far :

Veronica aged 24 – ” I absolutely love using the roller at home , 5 weeks in and a huge difference in may skins apperence already”.

Cathy aged 25 – ” Week four and the difference in my acne scarring already in insane. I dint it so easy to use but uncomfortable”.

Ann aged 42 ” My skin has never felt so good. Got the all clear from me doctor ands therapist to go ahead with the derma Plump product. I can see a huge difference in my fine lines after 4 weeks of use”.

You can shop the Derma Plump products from Roches Pharmacy .

I really hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful.

Until next time ,

Amy .

Disclaimer : This products where sent to me from @rochespharmacy. But with no obligation for social media coverage.