Festival Ready – Code VLM Mini

 Hey all ,

Today’s post we are talking about Mascara’s and if you have a flick through my site, you’ll see I have no reviews of mascara’s. This being I find it hard to find a good mascara that isn’t too thick , doesn’t cling to other lashes, doesn’t smudge or clump and never gives you those flacky bits that lie under your eye throughout the day.

Until I came across Code VLM. I’m sure if you follow me on snapchat – shapesndshadows you’ll know I wear lash extensions all year round. so when I’m on the hunt for mascara it all comes down to the flakiness you can get under the eye. This is what makes or breaks it for me.

So moving onto the product itself and this time we are talking minis. Perfect for Festivals , nights out , holidays and weddings. It’s small and compact so wont take up too much room. It’s also tear/water proof, so again perfect for outdoor event like festivals or weddings.

The Code Mascara is a black Fibre buildable mascara, packed full of vitamins to encourage lash growth. I absolutely love the wand , it gets right into the lash and the roots, allowing you to get a good curl on the lashes. I give the brush a wiggle from the root and roll it from root to tip. For a natural day time look I apply two coats allowing the first coat to dry and then applying my second coat.


For a more dramatic look or on a night out I will apply 4 coats, allowing each coat to dry.

The reason I absolutely love his Mascara is

It ad’s Volume , Thickness , Length and Curl without that cakey look.
It doesn’t smudge or Clump.
It doesn’t leave any flacky residue throughout the day.
It gets right into the lashes giving you a lash lift.
It’s buildable so you can build from day to night.
It’s tear proof.
It’s cruelty free & Paraben free.
It’s small and compact.
Packed full of vitamins to encourage lash growth.

Although its’ mini, good things do come in small packages. From the time I removed the wand from the container I could instantly see the fibres on the brush and new this baby was going to be amazing.

I have been using it constantly for the last two weeks and absolutely love it, and that coming from somebody who never reviews mascara’s. So weather your heading on holidays, to a festival , on a night out or getting married I would 100% recommend the Code VLM Mini. Its €15 and available to purchase from Meaghers Pharmacy , Cara Pharmacy , or Irish Pharmacy.

My first ever Mascara review. I hope you liked this post.

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Disclaimer : This was not sponsored nor paid.