My Top 5 Makeup Dupes

So let’s face it who doesn’t love a good makeup dupe. A cheaper alternative that will do exactly the same job. 
I know when it comes to dupes I personally love when I find products that are the exact same as my higher end products but for a fraction on the price.
Today I’m going to bring you my Top 5 most recent Makeup Dupes.

1. Benefit Eye Bright Vs Penny’s Highlighting Crayon.

Benefits Eye Bright rings in at €21.50 compared to the penny’s crayon this has more of a pinky tone. 


The Penny’s Highlighting crayon at €1.50 has a more of a peachy tone but when applied they both look they same.
I love to apply a highlighting crayon on my brow bone. 


2. Mac Velvet Teddy Vs Penny’s Ps Matte  Lipstick in Manhattan 

Mac Velvet Teddy ringing in at €20 is only of my all time favourite Mac matte lipstick  up until I discovered the matte lipsticks from penny’s. 


Manhattan from the penny’s matte lipstick range at €2 is my new found love. It’s nearly the exact same as velvet teddy just a little lighter but for €2 you can’t go wrong.  

The matte lipstick from the PS Range are so soft even though they are matte and the smell amazing.

3. Smashbox Contour Kit Trio Vs Penny’s Ps Contour Crayons 

So the smashbox kit ringing in at € contains. A highlighter, a bronzer and then a contour crayon including a sharpener. They are really creamy and last amazing on the skin.


The penny’s ps contour crayons coming in a €3.50 are the exact dupe for the smashbox contour trio it actually still baffles me how good these contour crayons from penny’s are. 

When they are back in stock grab them quick.   

4. Mac Diva lipstick Vs Sleek Lipstick Vamp. 

With Mac Diva ringing in at €20 this lipstick is one of my all time favourites. It’s the perfect warm Brown/ Red shade. 
When it comes to red lips I absolutely love a strong red lip on others but don’t like it on myself. So this shade is the perfect in between shade for me.



I ran out of my Mac diva just before christmas and couldn’t justify spending €20 as I’d only ever really wear it on a night out. I then came across the Sleek Vamp Lipstick and I couldn’t  believe that they were literally the exact same except the price. The Sleek Vamp lipstick is €5.99.

5. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Vs Nyx Photo Loving Primer

The smashbox photo finish primer has been a huge favourite of mine for year now and a must have for me . Ringing in at €35 for the full size tube and €15 for the smaller travel size tube .



When I discovered Nyx photo loving primer I was in two minds on weather to purchase it or not as I just never thought any product would live go to my  smashbox primer . For €16 for the full size tube . It’s the perfect dupe for me .

I hope you all enjoyed this post.

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Disclaimer: I was not paid to speak about these products.