Disneyland Paris

So as most of you will all know I headed of to Disneyland Paris two 
week’s ago for four days.
This was my present to my husband, my two stepsons and my daughter for Christmas. 
I booked the trip back in October 2015 with Ian from Travel Counsellor Ian Walsh on Facebook. I  went through Ian as it was working out cheaper than booking independently and I know sometimes that isn’t the case so for the 5 of us to go inc flights, transfers, 1 check in bag, accommodation, half board (breakfast & dinner ) and park tickets for 4 days it came to just €1600. Which I thought was a great deal.

We stayed in The Sequoia Lodge Hotel and it was just a couple of minutes walk from the park.

The rooms where okay but to be honest we only slept there. It had a Restaurant, Bar, Children’s Corner, Fitness room and Swimming Pool.

They also had a free shuttle bus that dropped you straight to the park.


When it comes to packing I always over pack and bring too much but after speaking to a good few people who have been I was surly told not to bring much. One bit of advice I will give you all is you are on your feet all day and you will live in your runners. We where up and gone at 9am and not coming back to the room until 9pm, you spent most of the day walking all you’ll want to do is sleep.
Disney land is not a place for dressy clothes and you’ll see others even at dinner are just very casual. 
Makeup wise I wore very minimal makeup as you we weren’t getting dressed up to go out out at night and you’ll be walking around all day so the last thing you’ll want to do is pack on the makeup. Honestly don’t over pack here.
Here’s a picture of what I took exactly. The brushes are Buff & Blend which you can read all about here


The parks

When you arrive to the parks there is security everywhere and you will be scanned each time you enter the park.
Both parks are massive and there’s so much to do in each park.
I would advise to pick up the booklets at the information stands giving you all the park layouts and show times etc. Plan your days ahead so you know exactly what your doing, if not you’ll find yourself wandering around wasting time.

When it comes to the rides etc there will always be queue’s and wait times of up to 60mins. But 1 tip I will give is some of the rides have fast pass where you could take your ticket and go off and come back after an hour saves you waiting in the queue, which can be hard especially with young children. We found around 4/5 o’clock the park started to get quiet and rides where nearly empty.

 Walt Disney Studios

This is the first park we went to. This parks contains rides and events from three areas – Production Courtyard/Backlot/Toon Studio.
These where my Favourite :
– Crush’s Coaster
– Ratatouille
– Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop
– RC Racer
Disney’s Live on Stage 
– Stitch Live
– Car Stunt Show
– slinky Dog Zigzag Spin
– Character Meet & Greet

 Disneyland Park

This was my favourite park of the two. It was so magical and really gave you that feeling of when you where younger and you believed you  could be a princess.
This is the biggest park of the two an to be honest we could have done with an extra day in this park it’s that big.
The park is broke up into 5 different areas – Main Street U.S.A/ Frontierland/Adventureand/Fantasyland/Discoveryland.
These were my favourites :
– Phantom Manor 
– Pocahontas Indian Village
– Le Passage d’Aladdin
– Adventure Isle
– Pirates of the Caribbean
– Sleeping Beauty Castle
– Peter Pan’s Flight
– Alice’s Curious Labyrinth
– Mad Hatters Tea Cups
– Disney Magic on Parade
– Disney Dreams Firework Show

Disney Dream’s Show is the last show of the day and times vary depending on the park closing times. This was my favourite part of the trip . I’ve attached a full video from Youtube of the exact show we seen. It’s the new Frozen inspired theme.
There is something to do for everyone no matter what age you are.

Cafe Mickey

On the Tuesday we booked into Cafe Mickey. You should always book into restaurant’s that day other wise you can be left queueing outside for ages. Our package allowed us to eat in 19 different restaurants around the park but at an allowance so anything extra you had to pay yourself. 
So on the Tuesday night we headed to Cafe Mickey for Dinner it was a 3 course dinner with a wide variety of food to choose from. Mickey/ Minne/ Goofy / Pluto , daffy , Donald Duck etc join you will you are having dinner. Some kids celebrate birthday here – a great idea. 

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show

We had seen this advertised in the hotel but I had heard it was expensive. Prices €76 per adult and €72 per child. This included Show tickets,3 course dinner, beer for the adults and juices for the kids. As we had our dinner coupons from our package which allowed us €34 per person for dinner we used these, which brought the total to €160 which wasn’t to bad, but well worth it. 

Before the show you are taken to a bar with live music and Goofy dancing on stage.

You are then taken to your seats in the arena where the show begins with a herd of Wild Buffalo, Authentic Cowboys, Indians , Buffalo Bill, Mickey & Friends to tell the story of how the west was won. The show is roughly 2 hours and a must see.


Travelling to Paris City

We where in two minds about going into the city as the kids wouldn’t be in form for travelling. The Boys wanted to see The Eiffel Tower,  so we decided to head in by metro on the Tuesday. The Metro tickets where €55 for the 4 of us as the baby was free to travel. We arrived in Charles De Gaulle station it took apron 40 minutes by metro.
The station is literally under The Arc De Triomphe which is amazing. It’s the first thing that strikes you when you leave the station.

We then headed down the Champs-Elysees. You can take buses etc to the Eiffel Tower but the day that was in it we said we’d walk. It took roughly around 20/30 minutes with the route we took.
From a distance the Tower looks so small but as you get closer it gets so real. Its a stunning Monument absolutely breath taking. The kids where delighted to see it also. We didn’t go up The Eiffel Tower as the queue’s again where crazy.

Travelling with small children 

This was a big worry for me as my little one has just turned 15 months and never travelled on a plan before. I was panicking to be honest thinking of the way she would handle the flight etc.
As the flight was early morning she’s slept on the flight on the way over.
On the way back again it was late night so she slept for the entire flight.
I kept her routine the same bringing all her food etc with me.
One tip for anyone travelling with bottles there is no need to take steriliser just purchase some Milton fluid and clean the bottles in the hotel from sink.
The only one thing i would say was hard was all restaurants rides etc require you to remove your child from the buggy before entering the premises so it just means if your queueing you’ll have the baby in your arms or if your eating dinner at night and the baby’s sleeping you’ve no buggy. 
This was the biggest turn off for me but as it was only for the four days I didn’t let it bother me.

Spending money 

I’m not going to lie but when it comes to prices in Paris they are absolutely ridiculous and very over priced.
 For Example on the first day we went and got four burgers and chips in a cafe in the parks. It cost €70. I nearly collapsed it was like McDonald’s. 
The Disney store is also very expensive we got a couple of bits for the kids and one or two presents and it came to €300. The stores are located all around the parks and prices vary in each on so keep an eye on prices.
We took €1800 with us spending money and came home with a about €300. Which is very expensive I know even though we were half board. But if your planning on doing sightseeing , Disney store, shows etc you don’t see the money going.
I would advise on bringing sweets in your case for the kids. It might seem stingy but to be honest it’s too expensive.

All in all it was a Trip of a lifetime and an amazing experience.

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks Blog Post.

Any Questions feel free to ask?.