Disappointing Products Post

So before I begin this post I’m just going to say these products are products I purchased myself and don’t work for me.
This is not the case for everyone as everyone’s skin is different. 
So with that been said I’ll start there is four products in total and these four products I have trialed over the last month or more so giving them good time to really trial them out.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer.

After researching this product and hearing a lot of hype about it. I purchased this back in January ringing in at €41 pricey right but from what I had seen it was amazing.
It didn’t work well for me at all. When Applying it it left my skin feeling very itchy and tingly. My foundation also lasted better without it.I have other Primers that cost less and do an amazing job so after use and use again I definitely wouldn’t be repurchasing.


Tantastic Liquid Self Tan.

When it comes to Tan most of you will know I very rarely where tan but when I do I always start my prep at least two weeks before. Liquid tans are my favourite especially Tan Organic. I popped to my local Boots in January to restock on my Tan Organic and they had none so I had heard some great things about Tantastic so I picked this up instead. Priced at around €20/25.
I have used this for the last month and honestly I wouldn’t be repurchasing. After application I felt sticky for hours. It Dried my skin out every time I applied it. It left my skin so orange and after two days it started to crack and go all old.

Nivea For Men.

This product has been a highly sought after primer for the last couple of months with You tubers / Makeup artists raving about it been an amazing primer to keep your makeup lasting longer.
I jumped on the band waggon been  very excited to try it out and low and behold I take an allergic reaction to it. Devastated as it really looked like it was amazing for just under €10.

L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream.

In the winter I’m a full coverage foundation girl. But as Spring/Summer approaches I love to wear a little less on the skin  turning to BB Creams so I picked up this BB Cream in Boots about a month ago and couldn’t wait to try it out.
 I picked up the light Skin tone shade & immediately my first impression was it’s too dark it would have been a perfect match if I had tan on. It came out patchy weather applied with my fingers or brush. 
For €14.99 I just think I could have picked up a full bottle of mac foundation for nearly that price. Unless you are sallow skin its too dark and i wouldn’t like to see what colour the medium skin tone would be like .
That’s all for this week post. Just a reminder these products where products that didn’t agree with me and I’m not Brand bashing either.
Hope you enjoyed this post.


Disclaimer: this post was not sponsored or paid for.