9 Month Pregnancy Update!!

Hello Everyone,
Happy Saturday. I hope your all having a good week so far. 
I can’t believe I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant and only 4 or so weeks to go. This pregnancy has literally flew by. I suppose my little lady is keeping me busy and I don’t miss the time going by at all. 
With Christmas only 2 weeks away I know the rest of the pregnancy will more than likely be gone in the blink of an eye so at the moment I’m just enjoying spending time with my little women before she becomes a big sister. 
 Life is always crazy around this time of year for me with so many birthdays etc going on. My little girl also turned 2 on Sunday so there was loads of celebration and a party of course. I honestly cannot believe my little baby is no longer a baby and has grown up to be the most independent, clever little girl. It’s crazy how time just passes by.
If you follow me on Snapchat you will know that I was admitted too hospital a couple of weeks ago with severe back and pelvic pain not knowing what the cause was, they decided to keep me, monitor the baby and send me for a scan. 
So after the scan they discovered that I have Polyhydramnios which is a common complication of pregnancy, where there’s an excessive amount of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby.
The cause of Polyhydramnios is often unknown but can sometimes indicate a problem with the baby but all was checked and everything seemed fine.
So after a couple of days in hospital I was finally let home on bed rest. They also gave me a brace and crutches to help me get around. Although they are helping then pain is still horrendous and by around 4 o’clock by back completely gives in. 
I am finding it hard this time around especially with my little one been so active. Some days I can bearly walk at all. It’s definitely okay to say pregnancy isn’t easy and it is hard at times. I can definitely hold my hands up and say I know I am very lucky to be expecting my second child but it’s not all dewy skin and happy faces.
You might have noticed my social media is a lot quieter and the reason being some days I’m just not coping well at all and that’s ok. I know that soon enough my little baba will be here and it will all be worth it.
I definitely think if i wasn’t carrying the extra fluid and my back wasn’t under so much pressure i’d be writing a completely different story but this is how it is for now.
At the moment I’m literally living in leggings and casual tops, nine times out of ten my pyjamas and eating rings around myself.
My bags are all packed and ready to go. We also picked up the Buggy and car seat last week which i’ll do a separate post all about once baba is here.
Other than that I am really looking forward to just spending the next few weeks with my family and enjoying Christmas with my little one before life changes for us all.
So Until Next time , 
Amy & Bump ,