Flawless Brows in a Flash

Hello Everyone, 
This weeks blog post we are focusing on brows, and let’s be honest we all love our brows. Who doesn’t love the perfect arched brow. Weather it be a natural soft brow or full on glam brow I have it covered in today’s post. 
Weather I have makeup on or not I will always apply some product to my brows. I think it automatically open up the eyes and makes the face look more awake. 

Eylure Brow Contour (€11.99)

On that note I will only apply something very light to the brows if I have no makeup on, and for the last month I have been using the Eylure Brow Contour for everyday natural brows. This multi-purpose double ended pencil is amazing . One end has your long lasting colour pencil , which I like to use to outline the brow and fill in. The other end then has your matte highlight which I use to highlight the brow bone. I also apply this to my waterline to open up the eyes. 

Eylure Brow Palette (€12.99)

This palette would do for both day and night looks but I prefer to use it for a full face of makeup. This little beauty contains a wax, a powder and a highlighter.
I will first use the wax to sculpt and outline the brows. This wax is waterproof and super easy to apply. Then I will take the brow powder to define the brow and add colour to the areas needed. I will lastly apply the matte highlighter under the brow to define. 

Eylure Brow Amplifier (€12.99) 

After filling in my brows , I always like to set the brow hair in place. I use the Eylure Brow Amplifier to do so. This is a brow fibre gel that sets the brow hair in place and adds some extra colour. If I was in a rush in the morning I would just apply this on its own. This products plumps up the brow, leaving them looking fuller for longer. 
If you follow me on my Snapchat @shapesndshadows you will know I wear semi permanent lashes all year round. But that doesn’t stop me from wearing stick on lashes. I only ever get a natural set of lashes done, so on nights out or occasions I love to add extra volume with strip lashes and I use the new 3 dimensional no:119 (€9.99).
I also use the Eylure lash pro individual lashes (€9.99), to top up my semi permanent lashes just until I can get an appointment to get them filled. They are also lovely on their own for a nice natural look. 
If your really unsure about where to start when filling out your brows then I would suggest using brow stencils (€6.49) as a guide. They are quick and easy to use as the shape is there for you.

I also tried these Brow shapers (€3.49) form Eylure. Which are shaped cold wax,  hair removal strips. These are designed to remove the small  downy hairs around the brow area. I tried these a couple of times and honestly found they didnt work for me. With that said they might work for others .

I hope you enjoy this weeks Flawless brows in a flash blog post donating all my favourites from Eyelure.

You can find any of the above products in Pharmacys nationwide. 

Untill next time.

Disclaimer : This post was not sponsored nor paid.