January’s Favourites


Hi Everybody 

With January well and truly over this weeks blog post is all about my January Favourites. All of the products I’m going to discuss today are all budget buys and personal favourites I’ve been using over the last 2 months.
So lets get started ….

1. Tan Eraser

When it comes to tan , I’m not really a tan girl as I hate having to scrub my skin for days to try and remove any old tan.
But I was truly turned when I used the tan Eraser for the first time in December.
Here’s a before and after picture on my arms after just one go.


1. Shower /bathe and cleanse your body as normal rinsing away all soap or suds.
2. Wet the Tan Eraser mitt under the shower and squeeze out any excess water.
3. Standing away from the shower I used the pink side rubbing into the skin to exfoliate and remove old tan . For stronger stubborn tans I then use the black side for stronger exfoliation.
In this process you will see the tan washing off into any water or suds which is great to see it actually does what it says it should do.
4. Rinse your body and tan mitt thoroughly.
Some redness of the skin is normal when using the tan eraser as with any tan removers. I find a layer of moisturiser after and within an hour the redness is gone.
I couldn’t recommend the tan eraser enough after just one use , usually with products I review I give the a good months trial before reviewing them. 
If you are looking to purchase the tan remover for yourself you can you can head over to the Tan Eraser Facebook page for a stockist list : https://www.facebook.com/taneraserireland/
Price €8.99

2. PS Contour Crayons €3.50

The second product is the newly released contour crayons and a huge favourite with you all going crazy to get your hands on them. I picked mine up on a Thursday and on the Monday they had nearly sold out in any of the stores they had been stocked in. I literally couldn’t wait to try them out and recorded a full tutorial over on my snapchat and uploaded it to my Facebook using them.
In the pack you get 2 contour crayons, one highlighting crayon and a sharpener. The crayons are super soft and creamy but one tip when blending use light blending movements and always set with a contour powder.
But hands down I absolutely love love love them.
Here’s a look I created using them.

3. Penny’s PS Matte Lipstick €2

So the next two matte lipstick are again from penny’s and I absolutely love them. They are Manhattan and Majesty. 
Both are matte but are not too drying to the lips. They smell lovely and last really well on the lips. They also have a little lip gloss on the end of the lipstick which is handy.


I’m wearing Manhattan in the picture above.






4. Soap & Glory Brow archery pencil 

I picked up this Brow Archery In Boots for €13.50 ion the shade Brownie Points 2 Months ago an since then it’s been my go to brow product.
It’s a double ended precision product,  starting with the felt-tip tint, use light, fine strokes to fill in any gaps and add fullness, then flip it to use the pencil end to sketch the perfect shape.
Disclaimer : I was not paid to speak about these products. These are own personal favourites.