Laura Mercier Universal Setting Powder VS RCMA Translucent Powder.

Hey Everyone , 
Today I am back to compare a much raved about Loose Mineral Powder, which is the Laura Mercier Invisible loose setting powder, to the RCMA Translucent powder. At this stage I’m sure we’ve all heard about the Laura Mercier Powder ringing in at a small fortune of €42 , while the not so popular RCMA powder ringing in at around  €14 here or there, depending on where you purchase it from.
Today I’m going to compare the two that I have been using constantly, over the last couple of months.  I spoke about setting powders and what they are used for in my last setting powder review, which you can read all about here.
The Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting powder (€43).
I was a sucker for buying into the “you need this in your life, but costs €43 crap”. Hence why I set up the blog, and of course I did purchase the Laura Mercier Powder just a little over 8 months ago. In the container you get 29g for €43. One thing I always do when I review powders to one another is compare the ingredients and to tell you i was shocked to see that this powder contains. It contains 
Calcium Oxide – pH Adjusters.
 Aluminum Borosilicate – BULKING AGENT , I was absolutely shocked when I googled the ingredients. I would expect a bulking agent to be included in much high street makeup brand. Not when are forking out €43 and its filled with bulking agent. This is what really broke it for me.
 Silica – Again this is another thinking agent.
While I did find the powder helped set my makeup and did give a nice brightness under the eye area. I was utterly shocked to see such a high end brand fill there product with bulking agent , especially for €43. also found with the packaging, you could never get the last bit of powder out, which is frustrating.
Would I purchase it again? No for the fact I googled and researched the ingredients, I just couldn’t justify spending that money.
RCMA Translucent Powder (€14).
Manufactured in U.S.A but distributed around the world, I have never heard of this product until watching a you tube tutorial over the Christmas holidays. When I googled my local stockist , it could be bought online from Beauty Bay or Love Makeup UK, ringing in  at around €14.
You get 85g for €14 in a Clear plastic contain. The flip up lid contains for large holes , where you will get every last ounce of product out. Price wise you are getting a lot for the price. Ingredients are :
Silica – Bulking Agent.
Calcium Oxide – pH Adjuster. Hides Blemishes.
Magnesium Oxide – pH Adjuster. Hides Blemishes.
Iron Oxide – Gives colour to the powder.

You can see from above the only bulking agent used in this powder is Silica. I do understand some products can contain bulking agents, but not all products do. Regardless of the price I absolutely love this powder, especially for under the eye area. It brightens, doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry and helps keep your makeup in places for a lot longer. You also get alot more product for you money. Whilst it doesn’t contains the same ingredients to the Laura Mercier one, its far better in my opinion and wont set you back €43.
Since purchasing the powder I have went on to purchase other bits from the RCMA range.
That’s all for this post. 
I hope you enjoyed.
Disclaimer : This post was not paid nor sponsored. I purchased these products myself.