My Top 10 Mac Lipsticks

This weeks Blog post is all about my top 10 all time favourite Mac Lippies. Do you ever find yourself standing at the mac lipstick counter not knowing what to get. This is me all the time. So I thought this week I’d bring you my top 10 Mac Lipsticks.

1. Creme Cup 

This is one of Macs Best selling shades. It’s a creme sheen lipstick and I absolutely love it on all skin tones. If you’ve never tried this one it’s a definite must.


2. Blankety 

Blankety is again another great seller for Mac. Its the perfect soft pink beige without being to pink .

3. Girl About Town

The classic bright pink colour that has been around for so long. The perfect pink Colour.

4. Up the Amp 

This creme lipstick is the perfect purple shade without been too overpowering . It’s a creme formula so it feels lovely on the lips.

5. Twig 

Twig is my latest purchase to my Mac Lipstick Collection . Twig is a Satin Finish. It’s the perfect pinky / brown colour without being to nude.

6. Myth

If your looking for the perfect nude. Macs Myth is the perfect shade for you.
This lipstick is sweet and simple but looks lovely on day or night.


7. Russian Red 

Your classic Iconic Marilyn Monroe Red Lip. This is my favourite red lipstick of all time . It’s a Matte finish and looks amazing on all skin tones.

8. Velvet Teddy

Velvet Teddy is a deep toned matte beige lipstick. One of my top 3 favourites lipsticks from Mac. It’s the perfect browny beige colour and not to drying on  the lips.

9. Viva Glam V

Mac Viva Glam V is one of my all time favourites. Depending on your own lip colour this colour will be different on everyone. Its a sheer shimmery muted tone nude pink lipstick and feels so nice on the lips.

10. Brave 

Brave is a soft rosey pink colour with a small hint of peach . I wouldn’t be a massive fan of peach shades so this is the perfect in between shade and I find it suits everyone.
I hope you all enjoyed this post and gave you an insight to my favourite Mac Lipsticks.
If you have any other recommendations leave them in the comments box below.
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Disclaimer : I have not been paid for this post. These are my personal favourites.