Penny’s Ps Love to Glow Range


This post has been a highly requested post by you all and the wait is finally over.
When the news hit that Primark / Penny’s were to bring out a skincare range, it’s safe to say social media went crazy. You guys all know I absolutely love penny’s product’s and am always raving about it on my social media accounts.  Their makeup range has over impressed me to be honest. I find the quality of their recent products amazing for the price.
Let’s be honest we all love a good budget buy.


So, when I heard that Primark were launching skincare, I literally couldn’t wait for it to hit the shelf’s, but mindless it would only sell out in a day, and that it surely did. Claims had been made that the PS Face mask was a Dupe for the GlamGlow ?. I am a huge fan of GlamGlow and found it hard to believe.

I have a friend who works in my local Penny’s and as soon as they hit stores I headed straight in to pick some up. By the time I got in there was literally a handful left on the shelf’s but I managed to grab some. I picked up the set which was , the Face Mask , Moisturiser & Serum.
I have now been using the full set for a month to be exact and I will always use a product for a full month to before doing a review as you need to allow the skin to adjust to the products,therefore getting a full honest result.
Price wise for the range they are all either €2.50 or €3.50. The packaging is very sturdy and not cheap looking by any means.

Face Mask

So Lets Compare the two. I have used the GlamGlow Youthmud (€56) for the last year and I honestly love it.

Penny’s Face Mask

Price €3.50
Fluid Consistency
Thingly Sensation
Dries In

GlamGlow Youthmud

Price €56
Thick Consistency 
Thingly Sensation
Dries In
I found my skin felt really fresh and awake after washing of the Penny’s Love to Glow Face Mask as it did with the GlamGlow Mask. I just felt I had to wash my face a couple times to physically remove all the residue.
Is it a Dupe for The GlamGlow YouthMud ? 
No I don’t think its an exact dupe but when it boils down to price, lets all admit if it does just as close a job GlamGlow Does, we would all be happy.  There is a lot more active and natural ingredients in the GlamGlow but I honestly would reach for the Penny’s Face Mask as they are very similar.


Next up in range is the PS Love to Glow Moisturiser (€3.50). This moisturiser is enriched with Vitamin E. This  moisturiser claims to illuminate , brighten & hydrate the skin.  It’s a light-weight moisturiser that leaves the skin feeling awake and fresh.

Instant Radiance Serum

Lastly from the range is the PS Love to Glow Serum For €2.50. The serum is absolutely gorgeous on it’s own or mixed into foundation.
It gives the most amazing glow to the skin.

Hope You All Enjoyed this Post.

Discalimer: I was not paid to speak about these products.