Top Up Lip Fillers With Kerry Hanaphy !!

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Today I am back with an updated post all about my Top Up Lip Fillers with Kerry Hanaphy.
As some of you who follow me on snapchat shapesndshadows , will already know, I recently went back for my top up Lip Fillers a year after my first appointment. Lip fillers is something I have always wanted to get done, as I did have a much smaller lip on top than my bottom lip. It was something that constantly grabbed my attention when applying lip liner. I will leave the link to my first appointment blog here.

It was exactly one year since my first appointment with Kerry, top ups are advisable at 6 months after first appointment. The reason for this being you want to build up the fillers so they will last longer. But as I was expecting my second baby, I was waiting till I had my little man to go back.

Right up until my top up appointment, my lips where still full enough, even Kerry commented on how well they had lasted. But Boy when they where done, what a difference.

The Treatment

On arrival you fill out your consultation card disclosing all info regarding yourself and your medical history. You are then given some numbing cream which you apply all over your lips.
Kerry’s advice was the longer the cream is on, the less you feel. I had the cream on for around 30 minutes. After applying, your lips literally start to feel numb like you would at the dentist but not as severe.

This time around I knew what to expect and we just chatted through the whole process. The treatment itself lasted for about 3 minutes. Kerry inserts the product into certain areas of the lip. Pain wise it is nothing, only a tiny pinch. Again you can read all about pain in my last blog post here.
I certainly would say there is little if no pain at all.

After Treatment

The day of the treatment my lips where a little tender, but the following morning it was completely gone. Swelling wise they where swollen for about 3 days after the treatment and bruising was only in small areas of the lips, but nothing lipstick wouldn’t cover.

People always ask me can you feel the filler in your lips ?. For the first day or two they can feel a little strange, but not like you can feel the fillers more like in a swollen way.

Final Thought

If you would like to have a look at Kerry’s work or book in you can do this by finding all info on her Facebook Kerry Hanaphy Soft Aesthetics here.

Make sure you let her know you have seen my lips and read my post.
Over a week later and all fully healed, I honestly couldn’t be happier I went back for my Top Up. For anyone in two minds over pain like I was, bite the bullet and do it, it’s nothing.
I know this post isn’t going to be for everyone, but I like to be completely honest with my readers and want reviews of this kind of treatment available. I am in no way at all telling people they should go have this treatment, but just giving my opinion on how I got on and hopefully those who are unsure will benefit from this post.

If you are thinking of having Lip Filler, please do your research before hand. Make sure you are not going to the cheapest just because it’s cheaper. Iv seen some horrendous jobs. Remember this is something that will last for months and is on a very visible part of your body. Research the Clinic/ Person carrying out the procedure and their Qualifications. There is certain criteria a person has to meet before even training in these procedures, and even at that its takes years to perfect the perfect Lip.

Please also ask about the product they will be using and ask “Is the Product CE approved”? 

This CE marking is a mandatory conformity marking for certain products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). This meaning the product has been marled safe to be used and sold in Europe.

This is so important as there is alot of cheaper , dangerous  products been used and they lead to horrible consequences.

So please please do your research.

Below I have attached some images from My First Procedure before and after and to my top up.

Before Top Up


1 Hour After Treatment


2 Days after Treatment


Day 3 after Treatment


1 year after First Treatment and After Top Up


Before First Treatment & After Top Up

I hope you enjoyed this post.

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Disclaimer: This post was not paid nor sponsored.