The best brush cleaning products for under €10

Hello Everyone ,
This weeks post is all about brush cleaners for under €10.
After taking a couple of weeks of social media back in January, due to the birth of my son I had the time to sit down and catch up on some social media. The one thing that flooded my news feed over the weeks was the Stylpro brush cleaner. I purchased the Stylpro myself not too long ago and to be honest I completely forgot I had it. Whilst it is a good tool I wouldn’t invest in it unless you have masses amounts of brushes. 
I love the idea of the Stylpro been able to wash and dry your brushes in seconds but I found the stylpro changed the shape of my brushes, compared to washing my brushes by hand and leaving them to dry overnight. I also found it washed some brushes better than others.
So with that said I always go back to my all time favourites and these will thoroughly clean your brushes , leave them in perfect shape and all for under €10.

1. Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (€2.70)

I have been a fully qualified makeup artist for the last 5 years and going back to my studies , we where thought to wash our brushes using baby  shampoo & water. Reshaping and leave to dry overnight. For the last 5 years I have used this technique, until the market began to become saturated with other cleaning products and tools. Although I have some other favourites I will always come back to the baby shampoo and water. 

2. Nima Brush Egg (€7)

If your looking to cut time when washing your brushes, then the Nima Brush Eggs is the tool for you. I use this alongside my baby shampoo and water. Applying the baby shampoo to the brushes and then onto the brush egg using circular motions to remove the product. I then rinse my brush under water and reshape. This tool uses less shampoo and less water, rather than using the shampoo on its own. It also cuts down on time.

3. Pennys/ Primark Blend & Cleanse  (€2)

This little beauty has recently hit primary shelves and instantly became a sellout. This solid brush cleansers come in a small compact containers and for €2… stock up now. It’s amazing.    I use this by wetting my brush under water and then swirling the brush into blend & cleanse soap, rinsing and reshaping, leaving to dry overnight.
Until next time.
Happy Cleaning .
Disclaimer : This post was not sponsored nor paid for .