Snapchat My Top 10

The Snapchat Platform has really been taking over social media lately. Can you remember your life without snapchat? I, for one, definitely can’t.
Having only joined a little under a year ago myself.  It really is a strange but amazing world to watch. The reasons why I love snapchat is 1) It’s very real you get to see people for themselves and not with a million filters applied to there face. 2) it’s a great way go communicate with others. Someone sends you a message you can literally reply in seconds.
I’m going to break down the categories so it’s easier for people to see who they would like to follow.
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Makeup Artists 

These are my top 4 snapchat makeup artists but honestly, this part of the group could be endless there’s that many.  As you all know I’m a fully trained makeup artist myself and I love to do a makeup tutorial on my own snapchat from time to time. But one thing I also love to do is, watch other people doing makeup demo and always picking up new tips and tricks from them. 

I‘v been following Jen from Matte To Metallic since I first joined snapchat and she is an amazing Makeup artist. Like myself I love that she ranges her makeup products from budget buys to high end products so there is something for everyone.
Next up is the amazing talented Lucy Bradley from @lbmakeup. If you haven’t been following Lucy you’ve certainly been living under a rock she’s a 16 year old student with a serious self thought talent in makeup. I absolutely love watching Lucy’s snapchat tutorials.
When I think of Laura from Laura Dempsey Makeup I think of bright sparkly makeup. Laura is yet again a very talented makeup artist always giving amazing tips on her snapchat.

Lastly we have the amazingly talented Charlene from Charlene Flanagan Makeup. I’ve also followed Charlene on snapchat since joining and I myself have picked up some amazing tips. I love the face that Charlene will always go through her looks in detail explaining everything she’s doing on the way.


When it comes to the honesty category. This group is the Snapchaters I feel are the girls who say it how it is and are very real in who they are. 
I have followed Laura on YouTube for a while now and her honesty has always shone through on her YouTube videos. But since following her on Snapchat her honesty sometimes is so funny. I love how real she is and says it how it really is.  She also gives a hilarious inside to her relationship with her partner Ian which is a must watch for me.  Laura is also another amazing makeup artist.
I have also followed Sharon from Behind Green Eyes since joining snapchat. Sharon is honestly the most honest person and like Laura says it how it is. Sharon is very myself to be honest and that’s why I find I can relate to her so much. 


So one thing I love about Snapchat is the positivity that comes with it and there is nothing more enlightening than hearing someone speak so positive on a daily basis. It’s very inspiring and will always put you in good form.
So I’ve popped Kim from SoSo Dempo into this category but to be honest I could put Kim into all the groups as she really is an all rounder. But her positive attitude in life , on snapchat and on all social media is just amazing. I honestly feel like I know Kim even though we’ve never met but all she ever wants to do is help people and encourage people in life.  I love to see others help each other and offer a hand to help someone else and that she very does.

Erica Fox from Retro Flame is another one of my positivity people. Erica is from Kerry in Ireland but living in NYC. Her  positive attitude and daily snaps are really uplifting. I love seeing her beautiful snaps in NYC and love to watch her snaps daily.


If you’ve never heard of James Patrice you again have been living under
 a rock. I honestly have never watched someone so funny in my life.  There are no words to even describe how funny his snapchat stories are especially the ones when Fron his mother makes an appearance. James’s snaps will literally have you wetting yourself. A must watch for me.

I feel weird putting Lisa from Just Jordan into the funny group. Lisa is an amazing Blogger and Makeup Artist for Mac. But this girl seriously cracks me her honesty and her presence on Snapchat comes across is such a funny way.

I personally love snapchat for the real life you get behind all the glam I suppose. Its a great way for me to interact with my followers in seconds. 

I really hope you all enjoyed this post. I have loads more that I could add to the list but i would be here all day. But do follow me on Snapchat where I will always do shout outs.
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