My 7 Month Pregnancy Update

Hi Everyone, 
I cannot believe I’m writing my 7 Month Pregnancy update already. It really has flew in second time around. Since my last update at 5 months (see that here ) I have definitely got a lot bigger and I mean a lot.

When we first found out we where expecting our second baby, by my dates I was due on Christmas day. I was also due Christmas day with my first baby, but was induced early. I definitely think I’m destined to have a Christmas baby. My Mam had her first on Christmas day so how ironic is it I was due Christmas day also.
But after my first scan at 12 weeks , the hospital said I was due on the 17th of Jan. But I was so sure on my dates, but I know ovulation can take place at a later stage and all that jazz. But I always felt further on than what the scans where saying. 
We then had our 21 week scan. Where we had decided we wouldn’t find out what we where having but we gave in at the end and found out. But we are keeping it a surprise until baba arrives. 
Dates wise at that scan baba was coming in at 13th Jan so the due date had come down by 4 days and we where happy with that but at the back of my mind I was still so sure on my dates. 
Around 23 weeks I had my GTT test as I was retaining glucose in my urine. But I was the same in my last pregnancy and all was fine. But this time it came back just under borderline, so that means I have to watch what I’m eating and control my diet.
For anyone that doesn’t know what GTT test is, it’s a test for Gestational Diabetes which is a type of diabetes that some women get during pregnancy. Between 2 and 10 percent of expectant mothers develop the condition, making it one of the most common health problems of pregnancy.
Diabetes is complicated, but long story short it means you have abnormally high levels of sugar in your blood. It can mean you may need to have your labour induced early or have a C-section .
It definitely is a big worry but I know I just have to control my sugar intake. But when you are a sweet person it’s though, but baba comes first.
So I wasn’t due back to the clinic until 32 weeks but a check up with my GP at 28 weeks which I had last Monday which she said I was measuring 30/31 weeks which would leave me bang on my original dates. She advised me to contact the hospital to arrange for an earlier app to get measured again.
So I headed back to the hospital today and I am now measuring 33 weeks. They rescanned me to check the fluids etc and  all is ok and they are still going by my scan dates of 13th Jan 2017. 
In other news we have picked our buggy and I have started packing my hospital bags etc but ill do a separate post on all of that soon. I have a checklist that I’m using for the hospital which I will post below. But if you have anything you would add to the list definitely let me know.
Other than all that I am still feeling really good. Apart from the obvious ones like tiredness , leg cramps , excessive peeing , pressure etc everything is all good thank god.
I hope you enjoyed this weeks post.
Until next time ,
Amy & Bump