My hair transformation with Gold Fever Ireland

Hello everyone ,


For those of you who follow me on my social media, will know that last month I headed out to Denise at Pelo hairdressing in Newbridge to have my full head of Gold fever hair extensions applied. I had been tooing and growing over having hair extensions now for the last year. But after a very bad experience and a lot of money spent, a couple of years back, I kept deciding against it. Until I came across Denise’s snapchat account – dephillipa. After following Denise for several months and seeing the amazing work they carry out in her salon, I made contact with the women herself.

I headed down for my consultation at the start of June and both Denise and myself had a good chat about my concerns and the look we wanted to achieve. I explained to Denise that over my last two pregnancies my hair had thinned out a lot. I also explained that I found my hair very flat and lifeless. We both agreed that we needed to break up the colour and add three different tones of extensions through my hair.

As my hair was in a bob , We decided that adding a lot of length wasn’t ideal as I wouldn’t get as long out of the extensions as I should. We opted to keep the back that bit more tapered in and add around 5 inches to the fronts and sides, to give length and thickness.

Why choose Gold Fever ?

Gold Fever uses only the finest Indian hair available on the market.
We personally oversee everything that we buy and how it is processed in our new bespoke facilities thus ensuring that only the highest quality product is brought to market. Gold Fever Hair strands are thick and luxurious, all the way down, and without the “stringy” ends.

Gold fever believe’s in Eco friendly and organic hair treatments which I love as it’s much more gentle on the hair. The hair is remis hair which means the hair used is healthy, with its cuticle intact and all cuticle facing in the same direction just as hair grows on a person’s head. The fact that the hair is all facing in the same direction is vital in the avoidance of tangling and matting since cuticles facing in opposite direction to one another would act very much as Velcro and thus get caught on one another leading problems.


Benefits of having Gold Fever Protein Tips

  1. The tiny bonds, protect the clients own hair, permitting it to grow healthily throughout the duration of the hair extension cycle. This is due to the increased amount of hair per strand, all the way down to the ends.
  2. Due to protein enhanced flowing and malleability properties, they are quicker to apply.
  3.  They will gently expand and contract in accordance with the like behaviour of human hair, when it is wet or dry, ensuring a safe, natural and harmless application. The removal of the Gold Fever Protein tipped strands is also extremely gentle to the client’s natural hair due to this new advanced protein formula.
  4. Allows you to cut and shape the tip without it opening up and losing hair in the process.
  5. Variety of lengths and colours available.
  6. Gold fever also have complete control over the manufacturing of the hair , they are involved in every step of the, which in turn gives a high quality product.


Aftercare of your extensions.

One thing I get asked about a lot is the aftercare , many people seem to think there is a lot of aftercare to them but , coming from someone with a bob which took nothing to style and dry , there honestly isn’t much more than your normal hair care.

I honestly treat my extensions the exact same way as I treat my own hair.  They should be treated like your own hair. The Gold Fever extensions are 100% human hair, so I wash, condition, and blow dry them the same as I would my normal hair. They should be treated with care and here’s some tips to help them last.

Wash and condition you hair with a sulphate free shampoo & conditioner. Always blow dry your bonds first , even if you’re allowing your hair to dry naturally , dry off the bonds to prevent matting. Use the designed hair extension brush, to brush your hair through. Brush hair thoroughly every day and tie hair up while sleeping.



It really is hard to say what the prices can be as every is different, but prices start at fill ins from €160 right up to €850 for a full head.


Its been nearly 4 weeks since I had the extensions applied and the reason why I waited nearly a month to do up this post was to allow me to first see how I managed with the hair and secondly see how the hair was holding up. So a month on and I honestly could not recommend them enough. I have so much more Volume to my hair, they still look and feel amazing , as they did when first applied. I have also booked my appointment for a colour with Denise for this week as I think its very important to return to the stylist who applied them to have your colour done. Some people have said to me why travel an hour to have you colour done, and the reason been is I’m on amazing hands the girls from Pelo are extremely thorough with their work and concentrate on the Condition of your hair first and foremost and this is what I love.


Here’s some before and after pics of my amazing transformation. I’m not anyway knowledgeable about hair at all , but one thing I do know is that the cut I had done previous to having my extensions done was horrendous and that is very visible from my before pictures and for Denise to get the blend she did , just shows how talented she really is.

If you thinking of having a full set of Gold fever hair extensions done with Denise from Pelo , Your consultation is free and if you decide to book , quote Shapes & Shadows when booking for €100 off a Full head of Gold Fever. You can find your local Gold Fever stylist here.


I really enjoyed writing this post and looking into the history behind Gold Fever hair. Big thank you to KatieJane from Goldfever Ireland and to Denise From Pelo for taking the time to apply the extensions for me.





Disclaimer: This post was not paid nor sponsored. I was kindly invited to have a full set of Gold fever extensions applied with Denise from Pelo.