Penny’s / Primark Beauty Haul

So let’s all admit there’s a penny’s addict in us all.

Not one of us have gone shopping without hitting your local penny’s store. With good intentions I always say ” I’m not getting a basket I don’t need anything ” 20 minutes later I literally need a trolley.
Lately the first thing I do is head to the beauty section in penny’s every time I’m in too see what the latest new product in is. Let’s just say penny’s are outdoing themselves lately with their beauty products.
So let’s get started im going to review these Four new products to Penny’s / Primark range.
1.PS Contour & Sculpt Kit €4
So I picked up this little beauty about 2 months ago and instantly after using it I fell in love. The kit includes a contour shade , highlighter and setting powder. The powders are so easy to blend and work with and for €4 where could you go wrong.
2.PS Contour Crayons €3.50
The second product is the newly released contour crayons and a huge favourite with you all going crazy to get your hands on them. I picked mine up on a Thursday and on the Monday they had nearly sold out in any of the stores they had been stocked in. I was even receiving mails from penny’s staff saying everyone that came in said they had seen them on my Facebook page. 😂 I literally couldn’t wait to try them out and recorded a full tutorial over on my snapchat and uploaded it to my Facebook using them.
In the pack you get 2 contour crayons, one highlighting crayon and a sharpner. The crayons are super soft and creamy but one tip when blending use light blending movements and always set with a contour powder.
But hands down I absolutely love love love them.

Heres a look I created using them.

3. PS Colour Correctors €2.50
When I picked these two cc crayons up my expectations where not to high to be honest.
Colour Correctors are used to correct any discolouration or blemishes to the face and under the eyes.
So I use the green to cancel out any redness on my face especially my checks and the yellow to cover any dark circles under my eyes.
When I applied them I was very shocked as I would have very dark circles under my eyes. So I applied the yellow under my eyes , it didn’t completely cover it but did 90%.
For €2.50 they are definitely worth it.
4. PS Brow Pencil in Medium €1.50
Lastly the double ended brow pencil & spooly for €1.50.
I generally don’t use pencils to fill in my brows I use a gel or crayon. So when I seen this for €1.50 I said I’d pick it up to see was it any good.
Here’s a look I created using the pencil one tip when applying it is use light strokes.
I hope you all enjoyed this post as who doesn’t love a good bargain from penny’s.
Let me know if you’ve tried any of these.
Shapes & Shadows

Disclaimer: I was not paid to speak about these products. These are my personal favourites from primark.