Why I wouldn’t purchase Pixie Pout, The Bare Collection by Joanne Larby

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So from the heading I’m sure you’ve guessed what todays blog post is going to be about. If you follow me on snapchat @shapesndshadows you’ll remember I ordered The New Pixie Pout , the bare collection by Joanne Larby about 2 months ago or more. I was so excited to order them as I love a good matte liquid lipstick. They are perfect for nights out or summer days ,where you don’t have to constantly keep topping up your lipstick.


I am a massive fan of nude lipsticks so when I seen the Bare collection, I instantly fell in love with the colours. There is 3 collections in the range The Bold Collection , The Bright Collection and the Bare Collection which I ordered. I am not a huge lover of bold or bright colours on myself. I am a nude or coral girl.


So onto the product itself. It arrived and straight onto snapchat I went to show you all. In the box itself you get your 3 Matte shades Laid Bare , Muted Melon and Unicorn tears including a 3D wonder gloss that will transform your matte lipstick to a high shine gloss (€34.99). I swatched them on snapchat for you all to see. I played around with the colours on snapchat that day and trialled them out over a number of hours to see how long the lasted. I messed around with them for a least a week , trialing them in different weather conditions etc.

So I’m going to break it down into two, things I liked and what I didn’t like.

What I did like !!

  • I instantly noticed the applicator, it’s a pointed top which allows you to perfectly outline the lips without the need of a lip liner.
  • They are super creamy and apply like a dream.
  • They are highly pigmented.
  • I also loved the idea of having a high shine gloss in the set to give something g different to the brand.


What I didn’t like !!

So just before I start and give my opinion on what I didn’t like , this blog post is not intended to hurt anyones feeling or slander anyones business etc. This is just my review on a products I purchased myself.


  • So even though the lipsticks apply like a dream and are very creamy in consistency , on removal of the applicator from the tube , the product comes out very clumpy. This can be messy as I found myself having to constantly wipe of excess clumps from the applicator and loosing product.


  • I know this will sound so strange to people , but on wearing the lipsticks I found that the max amount of wear on the lipsticks was 5 hours inside the house and yes that is good. So 5 hours before it started to where off. But when I went outside they only lasted an hour to 2 hours if even. I was dazzled and hence my review so long after I purchased them, I kept at them to see if something would change but unfortunately it didn’t and I kept having this problem.


  • The lipsticks are also told to be non transferable , meaning when you apply the gloss on top of the matte lipstick it wouldn’t transfer. But in my case they did transfer and I allowed them to dry for more than 5 minutes. This mean the gloss started to turn a multitude of different colours and now is no longer clear. Which is disappointing as the colours where lovely with the gloss on top.


  • I also found that there wasn’t a lot of product in the actual tube itself and they are small enough sizes.

All in all unfortunately they aren’t for me , I just don’t feel like the price point reflects the product quality.

I have used cheaper matte liquid lipsticks and they where better in fairness.


I would love to hear how you got on with yours.


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I played around with the colours on snapchat that day and trialled them out over a f