Fix Broken Powders in Minutes

We have all experienced the moment of panic when your face powder/eyeshadow/blush falls off the counter and you’re scared to pick it up, and when you do ….its broken into a million pieces.

For makeup lovers it’s the equivalent of dropping your phone face down,😁😁😁we have all experienced.

Well, now I have a trick to help you fix that favourite broken powder back to its original state.

 All you will need is:

*Surgical spirits/ rubbing alcohol (available in pharmacies)

*Small plastic bag/ sandwich bag

*A spoon


*A coin

First thing you’re going to have to do is break the powder up even more, even the bits that ain’t broken. This is where the plastic bag comes in, place the powder into the sandwich bag and crush it up until it’s a fine powder.

Next, you’re going to want to place the fine powder back into its container. Add some surgical spirits, add this slowly because you don’t want to completely ruin your powder, mix with the spoon until it’s a thick paste.

When you reach the consistency similar to what’s pictured above, smooth out the top with the spoon. Another option is you can use cling film. Place cling film on top of the powder and smooth it out with your fingers.

Once it is all smooth , place a tissue on top and use something flat like a coin to press down to remove any excess surgical spirits.

Repeat this a few times until there is barely any dampness to the tissue after pressing down.

Clean up the edges, leave the container open to dry and for the smell of the surgical spirits to go away (it’s takes a day or two) and Tah Dah your powder is brand new :).

Hope you all enjoyed reading and found this blog post helpful.

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