Prae Perfection Brush Set From TRND Beauty

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This weeks Blog post is all about the latest Prae Perfection Brushes from @TRND Beauty. If you’ve never heard of TRND Beauty, it’s an online beauty store consisting of all the latest trending makeup and beauty products.
The Prae Perfection Brush Set comprises of the Perfection Brush #1, #2 and #3.
The Prae Perfection Brush set are recently new to the Irish Market, that work with cream and or liquid products perfectly. With a comfortable handle, this brush allows you to get up close to the mirror. The dense fibres don’t allow product to seap into the brush and they work product into skin effortlessly giving a flawless finish. 
Theres are 3 Brushes to the set which can be bought as a set or individually from TRND Beauty The set of 3 is €30.
The Prae Perfection #1 Brush is the largest brush of the set. This brush works with cream  or liquid products perfectly. This brush has over 100,000 fine synthetic hairs. The large head and dense hairs make it perfect to use with moisturisers, primers and foundation. I’v even used this brush to apply tan to my face and neck.
The Prae Perfection #2 Brush is  again perfect for cream or liquid products. This brush has over 75,000 fine synthetic hairs. A medium sized brush makes it perfect to use with cream contouring, foundation, concealers and liquid products.

The Prae Perfection #3 Brush  is the smallest brush of the set and works perfectly with cream and or liquid products. This brush has over 10,000 fine synthetic hairs.
The small head and dense hairs make it perfect to use with concealers, colour correctors. It allows you to work and blend product into the really hard to reach areas, such as under your eyes and into the sides and creases of your nose.

I have been using this brush set for a little over 3 months now and can honestly say I absolutely love them. Each brush is so soft and they feel like a dream on the skin. They are high quality brushes , that will give you a flawless finish. A must for me in my makeup bag.

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