My Brow Transformation Phi Brows with @RachelByrne

Hey everyone ,

Brows have become such a big thing in the last year, at I think it’s definitely here to stay. Say goodbye to over plucked , sparse brows and hello to Phi Brows. I do have generally okay brows. But from over plucking through my teenage years , there is areas of my brows that will never grow back.

The Brow products sales have boomed in the last few years , with brow powders , stencils , pomade , gels , fibres etc. Lets all admit , even for me as a makeup artist I absolutely dreaded filling in my brows everyday. I either had a good brow day or none at all. Once I had my brows and lashes done , I always felt made up for the day.

I had been thinking about getting my brows tattooed for a good while and decided I would pop it onto Facebook and see what recommendations you guys would give. I had a lot of repetitive recommendations and  a lot of private mails. With that said I did my investigations thoroughly, going with Rachel Byrne (Hush Lash Lounge) in the end.


The way I think of it is €30 a month on  a wax a tint is €360 a year, where you could have your Phi Brows done for this price and maintain at home. After that it would be a maintenance app one every 1-2 years.


So What is Phi Brows ?


Phi Brows is a permanent makeup method of drawing hair like eyebrows, where pigment insertion is done with a hand held tool with micro blades. This will simulate the natural look of hairs with various lengths and densities Hairs are drawn shallow in the skin with special blades. Due to this specific method, natural look of eyebrows is achieved easily. Gone are the days of block brows.


The Treatment 


The first treatment itself takes in and around 90 minutes , where you will have a in-depth consultation. Where Rachel will go through all your health details to the specific colour chosen to suit  you . Everything from eye shape , brow colour and hair colour etc is taken into consideration when designing your brow.

Once you are happy with your brow shape , which Rachel got in one go for me. Your numbing cream is applied and left on for 15 minutes and your good to go for your first pass. I felt nothing, some say they feel a slight scratch. But it was pain-free for me.


Your second Top Up appointment needs to be at the very least a month later. Here is where you change anything that you didn’t like and make any adjustments needed.


There is a maintenance appointment needed ever 1/2 years , depending on your skin type after care etc. You would generally go back after the first year for colour refresh and touch up , costing €100.




  • Immediately when you get home you need to wash the brow area with a neutral PH soap which Rachel will provide.
  • Pat dry with Cotton pads and apply a very thin layer of the cream which Rachel will also provide. These two steps have to be repeated every 3 hours for the first day.
  • On day two , do not wash them at all , but you still need to keep them clean and dry.
  • Do not get them soaked in the shower.
  • Apply your cream first thing in the morning , once at lunchtime and again before you go to bed.
  • Follow this step 2 for a week.
  • If they begin to scab or flake apply more cream throughout the day.
  • Do not tint/wax / or apply any product for at least 10 days after the treatment.




The Phi Brows Microblading treatment is broken down into 2 appointments initially. Your first pass which is €300 and the your second pass one month later which is €150.

Discount !!!!

But if you book between now and the end of November and quote Shapes & Shadows  you’ll get the treatment for €400.


If you would like to book you can contact Rachel on her Facebook or instagram. You can also check out all her amazing work. I have attached my before an after below. I absolutely love them, they take so much hassle out of my day and I never have to apply product to them even on nights out.



Until next time ,

Amy .


Disclaimer : This post was not paid nor sponsored. I collaborated with Rachel on a blog post in exchange for her services.