My Top 3 Self Tanning products.

 1. Karora Express Bronzing Moose  

New to the Karora range is the Express Bronzing range. The slightly scented mousse is easy to apply with a tanning mitt and develops in an hour. Like all express tans you will get a better result the longer you leave it on but after one hour you will have a light healthy glow.

The scent is slightly different to other products iv tried and doesn’t give you that horrible fake tan smell. The mousse itself is grey in colour so the only downfall with this is there is no colour guide when applying.  
I apply this before heading to bed and leave overnight and it still gives me the most natural looking tan, without feeling like I’m heading out on a night out.
If I was heading out I would start applying the tan at least two days before to get a slightly more golden look. But you could easily apply two layers a couple of hours prior to heading out for the same effect.
When it comes to tan I am very fussy about the wear off and hence never really where tan. But with the Karora Express Bronzing Mousse it fades so well and this is why I absolutely love this tan and gave it my number one.If you follow me on snapchat you’ll always hear me raving about it.

If I prep my skin well in advance of tanning, this tan will last me 7 days with no fading or wear off at all.
It’s €29.99 for a 150ml bottle a little. It pricey  but 100% worth it. 

2. Bellamianta Rapid Moose

Another new product to the Irish market is the Bellamianta Rapid Mousse. Again its an easy to use self-tanning rapid mousse. Again a lightly scented Mousse with a great colour guide. This tan is more of an olive shade so gives a lovely finish to Irish skin.

Like I said with this tan is has a colour guide so you instantly gives you a nice light tan. Developing time wise, after 2hrs light tan, medium tan after 3 hrs and a dark tan after 4hrs+ with no transfer onto clothes which is great
The facts of Bellamianta’s Rapid Moose:
• Dries in 60 Seconds
• Develops in 2-4+ hrs
• Golden Olive tone
• Ready to wear colour
• Streak free / Easy to use
• Transfer & Water resistant
• Even wear off

I have to be honest and say for me this tan didn’t wear off evenly at all. It was the only downfall I found with the Tan. It was very patchy after about day 5 even if I prepped really well the previous week.

Other than that its still a top favourite and an amazing self tanning product.

It’s €24.95 for a 150ml bottle .

3. Be Bold Smart Mousse.

When I picked up this tan I honestly threw it to the back of the press because i don’t believe in those tans that develop after you shower.

But after seeing some amazing reviews online I had to give it a go.

 Developing wise, you control how dark you go by showering either 1, 2 or 3 hours after application.

 If you shower 1 hour after application you will achieve a light healthy glow. If you shower 2 hours after application you will achieve a lovely medium golden glow and if you shower 3 hours after application you will achieve a deep sunkissed tan.

As soon as I shower I moisturise my skin and allow the bBold Smart Mousse to develop.

It wears off so easily with no patchiness at all and would last 6 days on me before i’d need a top up. 

A little less pricey than the ones above at €14.95 I would absolutely love the concept of this tan and how it develops.

There you have these are my Current Top 3 Self Tanning Products and ones I would highly recommend.

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks post.

Until Next Time.

Disclaimer : This post was not sponsored nor paid.