My Mothers Day Gift Guide !!!

Hey Everyone ,

My first blog post in 6 weeks. It’s been a hectic few weeks with the planning for The Big Beauty Bash, which honestly couldn’t have gone any better. I will have a blog post and video going up on the day later this week.

With Mothers Day Looming and Cabin fever well and truly set in after storm Emma, it’s time to drop some mothers day hints ladies.


I have teamed up with Roches Pharmacy to give you my top picks for Mother’s Day Presents. These presents would be suited for all mammy’s and all ages. I also have a discount code for 15% off and free delivery with the code MAM18. But ensure your orders are in before Thursday morning to guarantee delivery on Friday.

Heres the Products I would recommend.



Shiseido Everbloom €35

Who doesn’t love perfume as a present. I go through perfume like there’s no tomorrow and always love when I get new perfumes to try. The Shiseido Everbloom is the perfect musky, white floral fragrance. It has the faintest hint of floral scents with notes of Cyclamen and Lotus to give that real fresh smell. If your not a huge perfume lover, then this is perfect for you as it is light and dainty.



Gucci Guilty Absolute 30ml €64


If your following me a while now you’ll know I absolutely love my Gucci Perfumes. My favourites being Gucci Bloom and Bamboo. This time around I got to try the new Gucci Guilty Absolute. If you’re a fan of oud smells then this one is for you. Filled with scents like blackberry , golden wood and rich Bulgarian rose. I have to say out of all the Gucci perfumes I have tried this definitely has to be my favourite of them all.





Peppermint & Grove Lemongrass & Lime Candle €22

So once we are all smelling nice, I think we all love to have our homes smelling nice. I first got introduced to the Peppermint Grove Australia Candles when I visited Roches pharmacy. The shop smelt so good and you could smell the scent through the entire shop. The handmade Australian candles smell amazing and look incredible too.

The Lemongrass and Lime is definitely my favourite with top notes like lime, bergamot and melon. Do you ever walk into a beauty salon and wonder what the smell is, well this is what it smells like. Fresh Breezy but relaxed.


This Works Products

So after all the smells, i’m sure we all like to feel relaxed calm and get a good nights sleep. For me I have been using the This Works Products on myself and the kids for the last two years. The two products I am going to speak about today are for adult use only.

I don’t know about you, but after a long and busy day I sometimes find it hard to wind down and fall to sleep easy. These two products are literally lifesavers for me. Being a mammy to two very active hyper kids, I definitely find it hard to wind down and go to sleep.

The This Works Stress Check Breathe -€16

I use this twice a day. I use it to help calm the mind before the day begins and again to relax before bed. It’s also small and compact to bring in your bag. So great for stressful encounters during the day.



This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray – €19.50

This is a must have in our house for myself and also the one for the kids. On the nights where I absolutely cannot fall asleep, I Spritz three sprays of this onto my pillow and my mind instantly relaxes. I also find I wake up more refreshed after using this too.





Derma Plump

Next up we are talking skin and at home micro needling with Derma Plump ,  suitable for those with :

Ance scaring

Dull Skin

Mild Rosacea


Fine Line

and you don’t suffer with any high blood pressure , dermatitis , diabetes etc then you definitely need to try the at home needling and yes people are very nervous to try these products on themselves but you will honestly thank me for it. By the time you do order any of these products, I will have a full blog post up giving you all the details you need to know.



Bronx Cosmetics 

Another new makeup brand to hit the Irish Market is Bronx Cosmetics and the idea behind this brand is different people , different backgrounds , different classes. I love this idea, it is so unique and you can see that through the products. I have been testing out these products over the last two weeks and hands down I absolutely love them. So affordable but amazing quality. You will find me using these products in tutorials over the next few weeks.


These are just some if my favourites from Roches Pharmacy at the Minute but in saying that they have something for everyone and From Sunday To Thursdays this week you can avail of 15% off and free shipping with the code MAM18 at the checkout.



But to ensure you get your delivery on time make sure you get your orders in before Thursday Morning.

I hope you all have an amazing Mother’s Day.






Disclaimer : I have Collaborated with Roches Pharmacy for this post.