My Trip To Bulgaria With Cosmetics Bulgaria !!!

Hey Everyone , Happy Thursday . I hope you are all having a lovely week. For those of you who don’t know I travelled to Bulgaria, with my partner at the start of June for a work holiday with Cosmetics Bulgaria whom I’m brand ambassador for.

The Trip had been planned since the start of the year and literally came around so quickly. We left on a Tuesday and had a full day of travelling, so we didn’t get to Varna until late Tuesday evening. Cosmetics Bulgaria have two shops one in Varna and one in Nessebar. First Stop was Varna for a few days.

On the Wednesday morning we headed of on a Spa morning with afternoon Tea, in the International Hotel Golden Sands which is an amazing tourist complex, compliments of Cosmetics Bulgaria. It was really nice to relax after a long day of travelling the day before.


We then headed back to the shop. This would be my first time to see the Varna store and it was just how I imagined. Big, spacious , shelves packed full of amazing skincare. I was literally in awe. We had a tour of the shop which you will be able to see in the video underneath this post.






I got to meet some of the team members I hadn’t met before and see how everything is done in the store.





We got to see the process of orders and the break down of all the shipping costs.

Shipping costs

I am going to break down how the shipping costs work, so it’s a little easier to understand.

So each order placed with Cosmetic Bulgaria is shipped fully trackable with UPS.  So Ups Give Cosmetics Bulgaria a discount based on the amount of packages and the weight of each parcel taken on board. After the discounted rate is applied there is also a charge for fuel with Ups. There is also charges for deliveries outside of city, there is also fees for having someone sign for a parcel, insurance , tax  etc. For example A 2kg package too be shipped with UPS without the discount is €80. With Cosmetics Bulgaria’s Discount it comes to €17.

I  like to look at it like this, here in ireland I would pay for a competion prize weighing 2/3kg €12.00 in and around. So for €15 your getting a fully tracked parcel , which you can track every step of the way. Travelling all the way from Bulgaria. If you’ve ordered from Cosmetics Bulgaria before you’ll know how well the packages are prepared for travelling.

Authenticity Of Products

One thing I was asked about on my social media before I went was to show different places that stock the Biofresh Bulgaria Products. From the minute we arrived it was clear that you could get the products in literally every second shop. I checked in 6 different cities and these products are widely available all over the country, for the same prices you’ll see on the Cosmetics Bulgaria website.

There was a lot of official Biofresh Bulgaria shops located around the towns too. Below are just a few images of different shops we spotted along our journey offering the products.

We also spoke to some of the people in the shops and they could confirm that the owners of Biofresh Bulgaria are two Bulgarian gentlemen. They could also confirm that the products are manufactured and made in the heart of Bulgaria and have been around for over 17 years.


We also spotted a lot of the Biotrade products, but these products where mainly sold in pharmacies and some shops. These products again can be bought in these pharmacies for the same price as the Cosmetics Bulgaria Website.

We also had a lovely opportunity to view the Biotrade offices, speak with some of the staff and purchase some of the Biotrade products directly from the offices. We even purchased some products that where apparently only available to purchase in Ireland.

One question I always get asked and Cosmetics Bulgaria is about the Biotrade Hydromask. Cosmetics Bulgaria don’t stock this product. Neither does any other Pharmacy or shop in Bulgaria. But as a better alternative Would highly recommend the Dr. Derm Collagen Hydrogel. It’s amazing has twice as many benefits as the HydroMask.

The Knowledge behind the Rose Products.

Whilst over in Bulgaria, we got to learn a lot about the story of Rose oil in the products themselves. How the rose oil is taken from the rose plant at a certain time of year and all about the Rose farms. Rose water can be found in skincare, medicine, perfumery, aromatherapy and food.

Whilst we were there we also got to spend the day down in Nessebar. Which is where Cosmetics Bulgaria have their second shop, for the summer months April – September.


If anyone has been to Nessebar you’ll know the old town is just an incredible tourist destination and if you’ve never been, it’s definitely a must. I have been many times and it’s a place you’ll always love visiting.



Cosmetics Bulgaria Nessebar.

The shop itself is located just outside the old town of Nessebar. We got to spend the entire day in there. We got to see how the shop was and the customers that came into the shop. There was such an amazing atmosphere in the Nessebar shop. People traveled from far and wide. They shopped by the basket and it was so nice to see.





On Sunday we travelled up to Plovdiv , as we would return to sofia on monday morning for training with Dr. Derm. We got to enjoy the day travelling around Plovdiv, site seeing and taking in all the markets they had on that day.


The trip literally flew by. Before we knew it, it was our last day and we headed back to Sofia for our training with Dr. Derm. On the way we stoped of at the Biotrade offices and we also got to Visit the Biofresh factory which you would have seen from my stories. This was really nice as we got to see them in real life.


We had training with Dr. Derm for the entire day. I got to learn so much more about the brand. You know at this stage how much I am obsessed with the Dr. Derm brand. My heart skips a little beat when I see pictures of peoples orders and they are all Dr. Derm products, as I hand on my heart love this brand so much.

I will have a more updated blog post on the Dr. Derm range coming very soon. With a few other exciting things to come aswell.

Myself and Husband had an amazing time. We where there for work reasons but we also got to relax, take in some amazing places  and catch up with some amazing people. I cannot thank Cosmetics Bulgaria for enough.

Weather you’ve been to Bulgaria before or are thinking of heading have an amazing time. The country is a little gem and we’ll definitely be back again soon .

Let me know if you have any questions.


I hope you enjoyed this post.




Disclaimer: (SP) I am brand ambassador for Cosmetics Bulgaria.