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As a Fully Trained Makeup Artist for the last 3 years , I know how hard it can be when starting out as a makeup artist and that feeling of how am I going to pay for all this stuff . I firmly believe that you can build a kit over the years and only now after 3 years is my kit where I want it to be.
One thing I would say before I start is never undercut yourself when starting out as you always need to ensure your covering the cost of kit products and your time.

All links I will pop at the end of this post.


Makeup Case /Storage 

So if you are going to be a mobile artist like I was for 2 years you are going to need wheels. For the first year I opted for the metal carry case but after a while it was too heavy to carry and the handle came away from the case itself . At that stage I knew I couldn’t afford a Zuca or Ingot Case as they where too expensive starting out.


So I popped into my local Sally Salon Services in Swords and picked up this Double Soft Case on wheels. On the bottom it has the larger case for your Makeup and on top it has a smaller case for skincare etc. I picked it up on Sale at around €50. Two years later it’s still in perfect condition.

To Store your makeup in the case you will need these clear makeup pouches, I find these great as they come in all different sizes for different products. They are also clear so you can see exactly whats in each pouch.

I buy mine in Pennys /Primark or Dunnes and they are around €4/5 for sets.

Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brushes are an essential part of your kit . I would always recommend starting of by buying an affordable good quality brush set , then after a while this section in your kit will evolve as your experience grows. But Good Quality Brushes are key to good application.
Brush sets wise I would highly recommend Nima Brush & Blank Canvas Cosmetics both Irish businesses offering amazing quality sets ranging from €100 up for full piece brush sets. I can honestly say I use brushes from both companies and both are amazing.

Brush Cleaner

As a makeup artist hygiene is very important , so between clients you should always cleanse your brushes. I love this one from penneys for €2.50. At the end of each makeup day I would then thoroughly wash my brushes, leaving them to dry overnight.

Tweezers / Disposable Mascara Wands / Scissors

You’ll need your Tweezers & Scissors to place or trim your eyelashes. Mascara wands are also very important for the application of your clients mascara and hygiene reasons.
Always ensure as a makeup artist you never run the risk of a client picking up an eye infection from double dipping with your mascara wand. This is when you place the mascara wand into the mascara and apply it to the clients eye and then dipping the same wand back into the mascara. Never place the wand back in always dispose of it and use a new disposable wand. All can be purchased from most salon services nationwide for a couple of euro.

Cotton Disks / Q Tips /Tissues /Hand Sanitizer

All the above you will need on any makeup application. Hand sanitiser being very important again for hygiene reasons. I purchase all of the above in Tesco and all are under €1.

Eyelashes & Lash Glue

The Eyelash market is crazy and there is a lot of brands to choose from, some being cheap and some being a bit more pricier. Experimenting here is the best option to see which bands are easier to work with how thick or thin the faux lashes are etc.

The main thing to remember is always have Strip and Individual lashes in your Kit. My personal favourites are Pennys PS Range, Ardell , Eylure and kiss .These all range from €2.50 – €9.

Glue wise i’ve always used Duo Glue and you can purchase from salon services and pharmacies nationwide for around €6.

Cleanser /Toner /Moisturiser 

The most important part of applying your makeup is having the best canvas you can have , so I always recommend starting with a clean , fresh face.
I absolutely love the Skintruth range from Sally Salon Services I have been using this range for the last 2 years on my clients its amazing.

You can pick up all different sets to suit all different skin types. For a full set it works out around €22.

Palette & Spatulas

 A steel or plastic spatula is extremely important to help maintain a sanitised, hygienic kit. Having a palette will also allow you to mix foundations , pigments , glitters , lip colours etc . I also picked mine up in Sally Salon Services for €6.

Face Primer 

Face Primer are a vital part to any makeup application to help your makeup last longer. My two favourites for my kit are Smashbox Photo Finish Primer at €33 for the larger tube. I love it and have been using this for years even before training in makeup. Its oil free and I use this on all skin types.

Second is the Mac Prep & Prime again I have been using this for the last 2 years on clients and just find it’s a great all rounder. Compared to the smash box one this is a creamy consistency and I find the prep & prime soothes and calms the skin. Its €27 for the 30ml tube.


It’s important as an artist to have a good range of foundation colours in your kit to suit all different skin tones.
Since starting my training nearly 3 years ago I have been using my Pari 6 shade Mineral Perfection Foundation Palette from Rachel Murphy Makeup , Rachel came to the college where I was studying at the time and she was using her palette on the day. My first palette lasted me a year its €85, but you’re getting 6 foundations that you can mix together to make even more colours.
The foundations are a cream to powder formula which give such a flawless, soft finish. Coverage wise is light to full depending on how much you apply. Starting out I would highly recommend this Palette.

Setting Powders 

When it comes to setting powders I never stray to far from these two products. Again I have been using both for the last 2 years and absolutely love them. They are the Ingot Ireland Translucent Powder in shade 210 . I have restocked this product time and time again I love it that much and its only €16 for the large pot.

Second one is the Bourjois java rice powder the only difference is this one is lightly scented and has a small amount of shimmer.

Contour / Highlighting 

With Contouring and highlighting so popular at the minute the market is flooded products to help you achieve the perfect look. I find trialling new products is just the best way to choose what suits your kit and clients.
My favourite products are Sleek Face contour kits available in Light – Medium – Dark at €8.49 in Boots. These are great as they give you a contour and highlight shade.
Second Favourite is highend contour and it is Mac Give Me Sun as us Irish love our spray tans I find this shade from Mac is the perfect shade to contour with. Its €31.00 and available at any Mac Counter or online from  Brown Thomas.
 My new found love from the PS Range from Pennys for €4. I actually could not get over the quality of this little gem for €4 when I tried it out and it’s super easy to blend. It also contains a highlighter and powder.
My all time favourite highlighter is Mac Soft & Gentle Iv used this for years and love it. Its €31 available from any Mac counter or online from Brown Thomas.


When it comes to blushes I find individual blushes can be a bit expensive starting out , so again  I have two of my favourites blush products for starting out.
First is the Sleek Makeup Blush Palette these are €13.49 and in each palette you get 3 different shades. These are great for your kit weather starting of or not.
Next is the Inglot Freedom System Blushes. They are €9 each and come in 18 different shades.  They are very easy to blend , colour payoff is amazing and they can be used as shadows as well.

Concealers & Correctors 

Concealers and correctors are again a vital part to your kit for any blemishes , dark circles , acne etc you client would like to cover up.  Concealers would also be used to highlight any areas of the face.
My Two favourites for my kit are The Pari Palette from Rachel Murphy Makeup it’s a 5 piece palette that includes all the colours you’ll need to get started.  Price wise I’m not sure it’s been so long but if you get in touch with Rachel She’ll be sure to help you out.

Next is the Wet n Wild cover all concealer palette I picked this up last year in my local pharmacy for
€4.99.  Its a 4 quad palette with amazing coverage for the price.

Eyeshadow Base

Eyeshadow base is optional for your kit but benefits for using this are it creates a smooth base to apply eyeshadows , it intensifies the colour of the eyeshadow and helps the eyeshadow last longer.
There is a lot of eyeshadow bases on the market all doing different things for the eye. My two favourites are Essence eyeshadow base available in Pennys for around €3 and its an exact dupe for my next eyeshadow base which is Urban Decay original eyeshadow primer potion price €21 available at any Urban Decay Counter or online.
I love both the same. But price wise the Essence one is my go to option.


Eyeshado is another vital part to your kit and I wouldn’t recommend skimping on quality here. There’s nothing worse than having your eyeshadow disappear after a couple of hours.
When starting out this is the first ever eyeshadow palette I ever purchased from Inglot Ireland, as you can see its well used and in terrible state but nearly 3 years on I still have this palette. I custom made this palette myself aiming for an all round neutrals palette to get me started. I never use it anymore as its so old but I can’t part with it just yet.
It came to €74 but with my 10% student discount at the time it came to €66.60 which is amazing value for 10 large eyeshadows. If you’ve never tried any of Inglots’s eyeshadow you’ve literally been living under a rock. They are amazing quality , so pigmented and super blendable.


I feel incomplete without eyeliner as will any makeup look depending on your clients taste. When is comes to eyeliner I always recommend a waterproof gel liner for starting out as it’s easier to work with.
I have two favourites I always use in my kit both being waterproof and super easy to apply. First being the Catrice Gel Liner available in Black & Brown for €4.49 . I pick mine up in Pennys/Primark.

Second favourite is the Inglot Ireland Gel Liner in 77 again also available in other shades.


No Makeup look is complete without mascara and when is comes to comes to mascara I only use highstreet brands . So the likes of Bourjois , Nyx , Essence etc. I only keep an opened mascara in my kit for max 3 months and it’s thrown away. Trial here again is best to see which ones work best for your kit and clients.

Brow Products 

There is a lot of brow products on the market lately with brows being so popular , so trial here is important to see what works best for you.

My two favourites  are firstly – Budget Buy the Sleek brow Kit for €11 available in boots or selected pharmacies nationwide. Four shades available. Light – Dark – Extra Dark – Black. These are great as they have the wax and the shadow. It also contains a small tweezers and brush. I have two of these in my kit to mix and match.

Highend Product is the Hd Brow Eye&Brow Palette includes a highlighting shade, two intensifying brow shades, carbon black, a clear wax and a brush. I use the clear wax to set the brows in place before applying product or to mix in with powders to create other shades. You can also use them as eyeshadows. Available in Bombshell – Foxy – Vamp.
Available from BeautyBay for €31.

Eye Pencils

When it comes to Eye pencils there is thousands of shades to choose from but for basics starting out I always recommend a Black, Brown and a White eye pencil from the likes of Nyx , Wet n Wild and Catrice all ranging in and around €3-6. These brands are great quality and affordable.

Again as you progress I would then splurge of your more high end lip pencils.

Lip Pencils

When it comes to lips pencils again there is thousands of shades to choose from but for basics starting out I always recommend a Red , Nude and a Dark lip pencil from the likes of Nyx , Wet n Wild and Catrice all ranging in and around €3-6. These brands are great quality and affordable.

Again as you progress I would then splurge of your more high end lip pencils.


When it comes to lipsticks again you can start buying individual high-end lipsticks that will set you back at least €22. So for starting out I always recommend the Inglot Freedom System Lipsticks. The 5 piece Magnetic Palette is €10 and each lipstick is €6 each and they have a huge selection which are amazing quality. You can always mix these to custom make your own colours. As you move on I then would add more expensive individual lipsticks.

Setting Sprays 

When it comes to setting sprays again I never skimp on these products as its the last thing I apply to any clients face before they leave.

Iv tired a range of setting sprays over the years and always falling back to these two. Mac Prep & Prime Fix Plus – this lightweight , mineral mist, is perfect for refreshing and setting your makeup. Its €21.00 for the 100ml bottle available at any Mac Counter.

Second is my all time favourite Urban Decay All Nighter Long setting spray. Again this is a lightweight mist , that helps keep makeup lasting a lot longer . You can purchase this one at any Urban Decay Counter for €29 per 118ml.

Links You’ll Need

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Nima Brush –
Blank Canvas –
Boot Ireland –
Brown Thomas Online –
Rachel Murphy Makeup –

I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it. This is not the exact makeup kit for every single makeup artist . This is just my personal suggestions what I used to start out so my guidelines.
As you progress as a makeup artist you’ll experiment different products and tools finding what suits you and your clients best.

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