My Current Tanning Routine.

Hello Everyone ,
On the blog this week we are on the topic of fake tan. If you follow me on my social media, you will know I am not a huge fan of self tans . The reason being I hate wear of off of tans and I only yet found two tans that wear of evenly.
With that being said BBold where have you been all my life. Now onto the tanning itself. On the days leading up to the application, I will exfoliate my skin and moisturise well. This will help with the even application of tan. 
On the night of tanning, I start by having a quick body shower, removing any perfumes spray etc. immediately after showering I apply the BBold body beautiful moisturiser (€8.19). This moisturiser helps to prep and maintain. I pay particular attention to my hands , feet , elbows and knees when applying this. 
I then follow immediately with the BBold Smart Mouse (€15.26). Again if you Follow me on Social media, you will see me talk about the product a lot. I absolutely adore this for many reasons , some being you Apply the colour guided tan. Leave it to develop to for 1 , 2 , 3 hours depending on your desired look. You wash it off and it then develops after washing. I leave it on for 2 hours and then wash it off. There is also no fake tan smell. No stickiness and the colour guide is exactly was it should be.

This tan no joke lasts me 7 days until it starts to wear off. The wear off is amazing and doesn’t leave you with that patchiness which is the key seller for me.
Before Application  

8 hours after showering

Lastly then we have the BBold Flawless Legs in Medium (11.78). So lets say I tan on a Thursday and by the following Wednesday, I have somewhere to be last minute and I have no time to exfoliate and re tan. Say hello to BBold flawless legs. I apply this baby over the tan and its like I have just applied a fresh layer of my Smart Mousse. Its quick , easy to apply and provides instant colour. Its also amazing for covering any scars on legs, imperfections extra.

And there you have it from someone who hates tanning no more. I hands down absolutely love this range from BBold. I hope you enjoyed this week posts. 
Until next time ,
Disclaimer : This post was not paid for nor sponsored.