Zoeva Brush Set Review

 About Zoeva

Zoeva is a German Brand founded in 2008 by Zoe hence the name Zoeva. Zoeva offers a professional  , luxurious high quality brush and makeup range at an affordable prices.

The Brushes

The Handle of the brush is made from genuine wood and the hairs are a mix of natural & synthetic hairs.
I purchased the Rose Golden Luxury Set. Which was €65.00 /€72.00 inc. delivery which includes :
-A lovely Zoeva Makeup Bag
-8 of your essential everyday brushes.

The Silk Finish Brush 102

I used this for foundation or just to apply a small amount of powder its amazing.

The Powder Brush 106

The Face Shape Brush 113

I use this brush to contour with powder its really gets into those tricky places.

The Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush 127


The Concealer / Buffer Brush 142

I use this brush for concealer or to contour the nose.

The Luxe Soft Define Brush 227

I use this brush to apply eye shadows to the crease of my eyes and to blend. But it would have many functions.

The Luxe Petit Crease 231

Again i would use this to apply my darker shadows to the crease of my eye and also under my waterline.

Wing Liner Brush 317

After care of my brushes

As the hair is Natural & Synthetic they need to be washed once a week. I use Johnson’s baby shampoo to wash mine. After washing I reshape the brush hair and leave to dry over the window ledge in the room for 12 hours.
I would highly recommend these brushes to anyone they are absolutely amazing quality for the price and I would reach for these over some of my MAC Brushes.
If you would like to purchase these brushes you can find them here .
I hope you all enjoy.
shapes & shadows
Disclaimer: I was not paid to speak about these products.