How I Maintain My lash Extensions !!

Hey Everyone ,
Happy Sunday. Since I spoke about been trained in Semi Permanent lashes, over on my snapchat – shapesndshadows last week. Loads of you requested a blog post on how I maintain my semi permanent lashes. I have been having my lashes done constantly for the last 3 years and once I take care of them correctly, they definitely don’t damage your own natural lashes.
So here’s my Tips on Maintaining your Semi permanent lashes :
  1. Do your research on your lash technician. This will ensure the technician is fully qualified and has their certificates and experience. Believe me lash application takes years of practise, so be cautious. Using the correct Lash lenght  , Curl Etc will all determine how well the lashes will last on you. If the lash is too heavy , it will drag your own natural lash down and cause the natural lashes to get damaged.
  2. Have your patch test done. Lash Glue can be very strong and if an allergic reaction occurs, it can be life threatening in some cases. Patch tests should be done at least two days before.
  3. After application avoid any water on the face/ eyes for at least 24 hours. I actually never apply any water to the lashes. Pick yourself up some swimming goggles and use these in the shower, to keep the water away. If you do get them wet , don’t brush them until they are dry. Also avoid Saunas & Steam rooms.
  4. Avoid rubbing your eyes.
  5. Only brush the lashes if needed, so if one is sitting funny then brush them. Advice given is always brush lashes first thing in the morning, but I have found less brushing they will last longer.
  6. Don’t pick at the lashes, as this will pull the semi permanent lashes out causing your own lashes to come with it.
  7. When removing makeup use an oil free makeup remover on a cue tip to remove the makeup around the lash line. Any oil products will remove the lashes gradually.
  8. If applying mascara ,  I apply from middle to tip , avoiding the root area. Ideally mascara should be water based.
  9. Do not curl or perm your lashes while having extensions on.
  10. If you want to have your lashes removed, do so by having your technician removing them.
  11. One eye will always be fuller than the other , this is all down to which side you sleep on at night. So , if you can sleep on your back.
  12. Have refills done around week 4. Your eyelashes do shed so this is where your refills come in to play.
  13. Ensure technicians tools are completely sanitised before she starts, to prevent eye infections.
These are my 13 Top Tips I would give to anyone who has lash extensions or thinking about having them done.
Always remember just because someone is cheap doesn’t mean they are always good. I Have seen some horrendous jobs.
I hope my Tips helped .
Until next time,