Surviving with a Baby with Silent Reflux!!

Hey all,

So todays topics is one of those posts I never thought I’d have to write. For those who follow me on snapchat will know of my battle with my sons reflux back at the start of the year and today I’m going to give you our story and my advice.

So thinking back now , I definitely think Jordan had reflux from the first couple of days. Compared to my first-born who was a windy baby, he was very spewy. At the time with the arrival of a new-born and other complications at his birth, I honesty thought nothing of it . Two weeks on things had gotten a lot worse to the point that one feed was rolling into another and there was no sleep in between.

My days where long and housebound and I just had a feeling something wasn’t right. He was so uneasy , never settled , constantly spewing up his feeds and scrunched his knees to his chest every time he had a feed. The screaming was unbearable and he was a lot worse at night.

At the time I didn’t completely know what was going on and anyone and everyone will offer advice. I know now people where only trying to help but at the time I couldn’t see past that.

So we took Jordan to the doctors on several occasion before they allowed a formal change. That which led to several formula changes which I was not happy about but this was the only options to me at the time and I was willing to try anything to get a good nights sleep for us both.

Doctors trips turned to Hospital trips and finally some prescribed medication. That was never the road I wanted to go down, but unfortunately we tried everything else and nothing worked. Two days after the medication kicked in and he was like a completely different child.

Unfortunately this medication was short-lived and only wolfed for a certain amount of time. He had to be put on something stronger but it 100% worked.

At this stage Jordan was nearly 3 months old. It took us that long to get it right. He’s now 9 month off all his meds and is completely fine. He eats everything and anything now and is flying along.


At that time though, I thought it would never end. It was such hard time for us all including my husband and two year old. I never left the house for a whole three months unless it was to the doctors or hospital. I cried at the thought of his next feed which I know is terrible , but I knew what was ahead. I found it so hard to function and hold normal conversations because all I could think about was the next vomit , the next feed , the night that was ahead. I tell you something only for my mam taking him once or twice a week to let me sleep, that was the only thing that kept me sane.


When I do speak about his reflux on my social media , I get so many questions regarding it. I am by no means a doctor or pediatrician. I am just giving my advice and how I got through it.


So here’s my advice to any mammy or daddies out there struggling with baby with reflux.


  1. If you think there is something wrong go to your G.P , Do prolong it , or switch formula because you read something somewhere on  google. Lets admit we all google when somethings wrong.
  2. Be firm with your GP. I found in my circumstances I wasn’t been listened to.
  3. Take the help from the Local health nurse and nutritionist. I found my local health nurse and nutrionists so helpful. The health nurse came around every monday for 12 weeks and she seen me at low. She gave me so much advice and support , so definitely take this help.
  4. Take help from anyone that offers, I am so lucky that my mam was there to have him overnight once out twice a week and my sister also helped get my little one out of the house as much as she could for me .
  5. Everyone will offer their tips and ways to pat and rub an burp. But not all cases are the same some are very mild and some are severe.
  6. Stay strong , I know at the time its Im possible and looking back know I honestly don’t know how I did it . I use to sit up all night long holding him in my arms crying googling his symptoms. I though it would never end. Thankfully it did.
  7. Go for Counselling if needed. I did go for counselling , as I just felt like telling someone I didn’t know helped so much.

If you do have a baby with Reflux or Silent reflux I know what you are going through and how hard it is. If you ever need to just have a normal chat you can message me on my Facebook or on snapchat – shapesndshadows.


Until next time,