You Need To See How This Deep Cleansing Black Mask Works!! Discount code inc

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If your following me on snapchat – shapesndshadows , you might remember me discussing a new product I was trying from Black Mask Ireland – The Black CoCo , Deep Cleansing Black Mask.

Over the last few months I have tried a number of different Black Masks , which I ordered online or purchased for €1. Everyone was trying them so I jumped on the bandwagon and I must admit, I seen some horrific videos of people howling trying to remove the masks. Although funny at the time, I honestly thought they couldn’t be that bad. But let’s not even describe how painful to remove they were or how irritated my skin felt afterwards, but for €1 , what did I expect.

I then came across the Black Mask Ireland Facebook page and decided to give them a mail and ask about the products. Their products are 100% Natural / Vegan friendly products which are not tested on animals. Garry kindly asked if he could send me out some products to try to see how I got on.

So what does the Deep Cleansing Black Mask Claim to do ?

It claims to draw out deeply rooted impurities , leaving the skin with a long-lasting radiant look and a more youthful glow.

After a full three uses of the mask I can definitely say it does exactly what it’s suppose to do. After the first use I instantly felt like my skin was a lot smoother. As I used it more I could definitely notice my pores on my cheeks where less visible , minus a few blackheads and there was a lovely glow to my skin.

 The Activated Charcoal adheres to toxins , dead skin cells and oils which clog your pores. This will in turn exfoliate the top layer of skin , whilst clearing out all the substances that produce blackheads , pimples blemishes etc.

How to use ?

  1. I cleansed my face removing any residue or dirt.
  2. I then filled my sink with hot water and placed my head over the steam for about 3/4 minutes, this will allow the pores to open up , getting the best result.
  3. I then applied the mask to the desired areas , avoiding the eyebrows , eyes and lip areas.
  4. Wait 15/20 minutes for the Mask to completely dry and then gently peel from the bottom up.
  5. Any residue that’s left on the skin you can cleanse or wash away.

It’s recommended to use between 1/3 times a week for best results. I used it three times in the first week and no joke I would have had a good few blackheads on my nose and I think I’ve two left. So it definitely does work.

The only advice I would give is gently remove the mask. Don’t pull it off too quickly.

Made with 100%  Organic Activated Bamboo and Coconut Charcoal powder. Also suitable for all skin types aswell. The Mask Retails at €24.95 but is currently on offer at the minute for €17.90 for a 50ml tube. But with my Discount code AMY25 you’ll also get a further €4.48 off bringing the mask down to €13.42 and free shipping. Which is absolute amazing value.

If you purchase let me know , be delighted to hear what you think.

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Disclaimer : This post is not an ad. I was kindly sent the product with no obligation for review.