My Microneedling Journey Part 1 – Does it really work ??

Hey all ,

So two weeks ago I had my first Micro needling treatment with Havana Skin Clinic. 

What is Micro needling – Micro needling is a Collagen induction therapy. Where it targets the upper dermis of the skin which produces Collagen and Elastin. Micro needling will awaken the dermis to produce the Collagen and Elastin. With ageing the Collagen and Elastin production slows down. They are natural factors in the body but we just need help to stimulate them to produce more.

Havana uses the Genesis needle which has over 450 needles , which in turn will give a more effective treatment . Always ensure the needle being used, is brand new in a sealed packet.

Reasons why you’d have Micro needling ?

  • Acne Scaring
  • Chicken Pox Scaring
  • Open Pores
  • Mild Rosacea
  • Surface Pigment
  • Skin  Rejuvenation

These are some of the reason why you would have Micro needling and as you can see, it really Is for all skin types.

How many treatments depends on the issues you will be treating. Normally three and maintenance every 4-6 months.

For any price inquiries you can contact Havana.

So I had treatment one done two weeks ago and I’m going to keep you all updated over my three treatments.

Pre treatment you will have your consultation.

The treatment itself takes around 60 minutes. You’ll have your cleanse done first and then a numbing cream applied for 15-20 minutes. Then the treatment begins. The most common question I got asked on my social media was did it hurt . So for the most part I couldn’t feel anything. But around the hairline , nose and jaw line I could feel some scratching , but nothing that would make it uncomfortable. I did bleed , not everyone does , but that is normal.

The best way to describe how it feels after , is sunburn. Your face feels like you’ve had sunburn, hot and red and a little bit tender. This is all normal. But be sure 80% of the redness is gone the next day.

On day 5 I did experience flaky skin and this is again normal. I have noticed a difference in my open pores and this was one of the reason I am having the treatment so excited to see what my next few treatments bring.

Stay tuned for more,


Disclaimer : I am Brand Ambassador For Havana Skin Clinic.