When The Laser Bug hits!!

Hey all ,

So if you’ve been following my laser hair removal journey with Havana Skin Clinic up until now, you’ll know how amazing my results are with already a 60% reduction of hair.

Since my journey started my mam and my sister Cathy , were intrigued to see how I got on. Now after 6 months they have just started their own laser hair removal treatments.


Just over three weeks ago they both headed for their first appointment. nervous I don’t know why because I had explained it all to them. But I knew they had nothing to worry about.

My Mam is having her full leg and underarm area done. My mams hair is thin and in some areas the hair is fair and in other areas it’s a lot darker.


In her words ” I have a very low pain threshold and I would give the pain a 3/5 in both areas”. “It’s Pinchy , but nothing that I couldn’t manage for the time it takes”. “Its been 3 weeks now since my first treatment and while I cannot see a huge difference now , I’ll be able to tell you more after my second treatment”.

My sister on the other hand is having her full leg, Hollywood, underarm and naval. Something very similar to mine, but I am having my forearms done. Cathy’s hair is definitely Dark and thick.

In her words “I couldn’t be happier to start my laser hair removal journey”. “I would shave every second day if not everyday”. ” I would give a 2 /3 for pain wise on all area except the bikini which I’d give a 3/5 again it’s just that bit more uncomfortable and pinchy, but its over in seconds.


The girls are back this week for their second session of upper body, so stay tuned to see how they feel after this treatment.


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Disclaimer : Treatment are part of a Brand Ambassador Collaboration with myself.