My Stretch Mark Reduction Treatment So Far!!

Hey Everyone ,

So if you follow me a while now you’ll know I started my Reform – Stretch Mark Reduction Treatment with Havana Skin Clinic back in June.

Why Stretch Mark Reduction you may ask ? So I am a very proud mam to my two beautiful kids. The oldest being 3 and youngest just gone 11 months. On my first pregnancy I got really bad stretch marks on my stomach and on my second they got a lot worse in the sense of, the colour around them got a lot worse which in turn made them stand out a lot more to me. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate my stretch marks , but any sort of reduction in size or colour would help , particularly the colour of them for me.

Stretch marks are so difficult to treat as they are a form of skin scaring on the skin but possible.  Reasons why we get stretch marks.

  • Rapid Skin changes , Weight Loss or Weight Gain.
  • Hormonal Changes from Puberty , Pregnancy or Body Building.

Stretch Marks can be classified into two different groups

  1. New – Red , Pink or Purple 3/4 months old.
  2. Old – Transparent , White , Silver or Paper like are couple of month too a couple of years old.

What the treatment involves – Reform a combination  treatment !!

You will initially have a consultation which is so important. If a suitable candidate on your first treatment here’s what to expect.

The area chosen in my case my stomach and hip area will be cleansed and a numbing cream applied for 20 minutes.

The treatment itself starts with Microdermabraion – this is where a small handheld tool, with a gritty nozzle is used to remove the dead skin from the area being treated. This will allow to get right down into the stretch marks. This part of the treatment is pain-free with a small amount of scratching.

Microneedling –  The specific tool either a Pen or Roller will need to be chosen all depending on the type of stretch marks you have.  Which will create little micro channels in the skin and re-enforce the skin tissue to rejuvenate an reform itself.

Radio Frequency –  Works on remodelling the tissue underneath the skin surface of the dermis.

I have also been advised to use a topical cream at home .

What to expect after Treatment !!

A lot of redness and sensitivity which are all good signs and nothing to be alarmed about. These can last anything up to two weeks. It almost feels like sunburn.

How Many Treatments will I need & Prices !!

Everyone will be different and different areas will need more or less treatments. This is why your consultation is so important.

Prices start at €500 per area per treatment or three treatments on one area for €1200.

If your thinking of having the treatment done stay tunes for my next blog post including before and after pictures. For now if you wanted to have a look at the treatment being performed you can do so here.

If you want to follow my journey you can do so on my snapchat – shapesndshadows.

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Disclaimer : I am Collaborating with Havana as part of being there Brand Ambassador.