Nearly hair free!!

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Today I am back with an update all about my laser hair removal journey with Havana Skin Clinic . The last time I had a detailed update was back in May after just two sessions, which you can read all about here.  

Before I start,  I am absolutely over the moon to tell you all. I am the new brand ambassador for Havana Skin Clinic. I’m absolutely delighted to be working alongside Havana.

Today I am back with a more recent update. I am now on session 7 on my upper body and session 5 on my legs, as the legs are every 8 weeks rather than every 4 weeks on the upper body.  Last week I was back for my 7th session of upper body only.

Prior to having treatment , your therapist  always asks about your thoughts on the reduction. Which up until my last appointment I had been saying 50% , which is amazing after 6 sessions. Four weeks after my last appointment I can definitely see another 10% of reduction again. Now seeing a good 60% reduction of hair in most areas. You can of course shave in between your appointments if needed , but I actually never need to which is amazing, considering before I started laser, I would have shaved four times a week or more. I only shave the night prior to my appointment now. The hair that does grow back though, is very light and only grows back in certain areas. This is where the multiple treatments come into play with the hair growth cycles.


Pain wise , I have to admit the thinner the hair is getting the nippier the treatment is. Pain wise would be a 4/5 depending on the area . The hollywood and underarms are definitely a lot more sensitive than the forearms and legs. On the legs I always find the ankles much worse than the legs themselves.


Ingrown hairs , If you have been following my laser hair removal journey from the start , you’ll know I suffered really bad with ingrown hairs to the point where I needed antibiotics. They where causing me so much discomfor and left me with some horrible marks on my legs, which you can see from the pic below.


Since starting my laser hair removal journey. I have only had two ingrown hairs which is amazing. I am back next month for my 8th upper body session and 6th session on the legs , so stayed tuned for my next update .


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Disclaimer: I am brand ambassador for Havana skin clinic.