My First time having Botox


Hello Everyone ,

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the summer . In todays post I’m going to be chatting all things Botox. Just under two months ago I had Botox done on my forehead . If you’ve been following my Blog for a while you’ll know I’v had my Lips done a good few times now over the years but I’v never had Botox .

I’v been having my lips done with Doctor Roberto Viel for the last two years. He is an experienced cosmetic surgeon with international certification in cosmetic surgery and is a fellow of a number of established associations throughout Europe & America so I knew he was the only person for the job.


My Reasons for having Botox.

So I just recently turned 28 and I honestly have been considering Botox for the last year or more I would say. I am a very expressive person so I could see a good few expression lines popping up over the last year and a few hair like fine lines. So for me it was more catching them early.

Here is an image of my forehead before with expression and after pic is now me trying to express.

The Treatment itself and pain.

The appointment begins with a consultation and Dr. Viel will chat through your concerns , movement in the area , I was also asked to frown and we chatted about any medical history etc. Then he will map out the areas of where he will inject the Botox. He explained to me that Botox is like a piece of art , the entire face and features need to be considered when doing botox.

For me my focus was the centre of my forehead and along the tail of my brow. I was nervous, that I wouldn’t have any movement around the brows and it would look very obvious and I explained this to Dr Viel and he told me I had nothing to worry about .


The treatment itself lasted less than two minutes, it was over so quickly and I honestly didn’t feel a thing . The needle he used was so fine and thin I genuinely thought we hadn’t even started when he told me I was done.

What to avoid after Botox.

There was a couple of things recommended not to do after having Botox done . Here is list of a few which Dr. Roberto informed me not to do .

  • No Touching. For the first day at least.
  • Avoid Physical Activity for 24 hours .
  • Keep upright for 4 hours after.

Botox Kicking in.

After the treatment I was expecting some swelling and redness but I experienced none of that. I was aware Botox doesn’t take effect straight away it can take up too two weeks to fully kick in .  Felt nothing until around day 4, I began to experience some slight tightness on my forehead and a bit of a headache,  mailed The Clinic and was assured a headache can be normal as the muscle is frozen from the Botox and its just pressure from the muscle trying to move.  It was a slight tightness but nothing that would put me off having it done again .

On day 7 after the treatment the Botox had completely set in and the forehead was completely smooth and line free . The tightness had completely gone and I was absolutely delighted .

Botox generally lasts between 4-6 months but can vary from person to person . I’m into month two now and its still absolutely perfect .

I honestly couldn’t recommend Dr Roberto Viel and the guys at The Wicklow Street Clinic enough. You can book in for a consultation at The Wicklow street Clinic here.

I really hope you enjoyed the post or found it helpful .  I am in no way telling people to go have Botox I’m just giving my review and why I got it done .

Disclaimer-  This was a collaboration with The wicklow street clinic. Not paid . All thoughts are my own.