Hello Eczema !!!

Hey all,

So for those of you that don’t know back in April of this year my eldest developed and rash. I of course panicked thinking it was something more serious, but thankfully it was eczema. Nobody on my side of the family suffers with eczema but her dad does have asthma, so they say it can stem from that.

She was put on some steroid creams and different creams over a few months , but nothing really helped. It eased it for a while, but it was only a matter of days before she would be up all night, taring lumps out of her skin. A few weeks later I stopped applying the steroid creams, as the tiniest bump on her skin would bruise or mark so easy. With steroid creams your skin can become a lot thinner, so they don’t recommend over use .

We decided we would take her off the steroid creams and try a few different things ourselves. Heres a few things we tried over the months.

  • Cut back her dairy as she is a big dairy lover.
  • Cut back on the baths as she loved baths and the hot water will further dry out the skin.
  • We used cellular blankets.

But nothing really kept it away bar the next few products I am going to discuss. I have been using these products on the kids since June so just over 10 weeks . I’v been using them on both the kids because while Jordan doesn’t have eczema, he does have sensitive skin.

When I found out Lacey had eczema I hand on my heart panicked because, I do know a few people with eczema and it can really affect them.

The Bio G Range.

Bio G Cosmetics are a baby cosmetics range made with the desire to avoid chemical components in cosmetics for babies and young children. The products are created in collaboration with leading specialists and technologists. Besides their modern design, they protect the products from contamination and external penetration of harmful microorganisms. All products are completely natural and have a Bio certificate.

Bath time in our house consists of Luke warm water with porridge oats in tights added to the water and our Bio G products.

Bio baby body oil with silver water Bio G

After bath time I dry of both of the kids skin with a soft towel and apply the Bio G body oil all over their body excluding the face. The body oil nourishes the skin. It keeps it super hydrated especially now coming into the winter, the weather changes and skin becomes dry. But with the eczema the skin can become so dry and dehydrated the oil keeps it hydrated all year long.



The active ingredients like sesame oil, almond oil, pomegranate extract, olive oil, chamomile extract and marigold soothe and enrich the skin.

Bio baby face cream with silver water Bio G

When it comes to the face, I was so conscious as to what I was using because I didn’t want to use anything that would make it more obvious. She had a lot of irritation around her lips and nose. The Bio G Baby face cream is 100% natural. I will apply this on her face, hands , backs of legs and creases of arms.

The silver water is antiseptic so it will help to prevent against any infection. It soothes the skin keeping it super hydrated. The cream is super light weight so there won’t be any stickiness on the skin, which can sometimes irritate the skin.

Bio baby diaper rash cream with silver water Bio G

This one has honestly helped me so much over the last few months. Mammies out there will know the pain of the a teething baby. Jordans last few back teeth have been coming down over the last few months. His poor little bum gets so bad to the point we’ve been on antibiotic creams before.

The Diaper rash cream has literally saved us so many trips to the doctors. Its 100% natural. The silver water again protects against bacteria and infection , it clears the pores and prevents rashes.

It’s super soothing on the skin too.

Bio baby sun protection cream SPF 50 Bio G

If you follow me regularly on Instagram or snapchat you’ll know I always harp on about spf. It’s so important to apply spf everyday not just in the summer . It protects against uva and uvb rays.

  •  Spf 50
  • Protects against the harmful effects of sunlight and stimulates the natural immunosuppressive function of the skin.
  • Prevents redness, burns, patches and inflammation, nourishes and hydrates in depth.

I know from using suncreams on the kids the irritation some of them can cause. This one is super light weight and doesn’t contain any preservatives (including parabens), colorants, artificial foams, synthetic emulsifiers and fragrances.

From the range I honestly love these products and would 100% recommend to try. They have kept laces eczema at bay for just over 10 weeks now .

I really hope you enjoyed this post or found it helpful.

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Disclaimer : This is an ad as part of my brand ambassador role , but all thoughts are my own.