And 9 Weeks Have Passed!!

Hey Everyone ,
I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been online and as most of you will know, it’s been a hectic few weeks for me so I thought I would fill you all in.
The first week of May my father was taken into hospital unexpectedly. He spent 3 weeks in Beaumount Hospital, where we soon realised his condition was a lot worse than we expected. After some time the doctors informed us that, my father needed to have Open Heart Surgery as soon as possible and was scheduled for an emergency operation. During this time I was also admitted to hospital with a tummy bug, to discover I was a couple of weeks pregnant. 
Shocked but absolutely over the moon. My little baby was soon to be a Big Sister and our family was extending.
Soon after my dad was transferred to The Matter hospital, where the surgery was to take place the following morning as I was still very unwell I couldn’t get up to see him before the Op but my Mam and sisters all went up and gave him a big hug & kiss from me. I never slept that night with the worry of how surgery would go the next day. 
He was first on the list, so down he went at 8am and roughly the surgery would last 4-7 hours. Around 5pm my mam received a phone call to say all went well and he was in recovery. The sense of relief was unreal. But soon this would all change. Two hours later the dreaded phone call came around. Still to this day it’s all a blur. Shortly after the operation  my dad’s blood pressure took a massive drop and they presumed he had a bleed internally, so they rushed him back to theatre, where they soon realised there was no bleed and in actual fact he had taken a massive heart attack. 
The surgery initially was to operate on his left side which was the side which needed the work done. But what happened was the right side / the good side had taken a heart attack and wasn’t functioning they way it should. 
There was a very rare chance of this happening and they had only ever seen one other case of this before. Our hearts sank into a million pieces. You think how could this happens to us? My dad’s one fear was to not wake up and this is what was to unfold. 
The Doctor told us the next 24 hours were critical, he was fighting for his life, that’s exactly what he did, into the early hours of the next morning. They even lost him for 8 seconds.
We all arrived at the hospital the next morning and I sat in the waiting room not knowing what to expect. Looking at him like that was heart breaking, it’s something I’ll carry in my mind forever. Machines keeping alive. The feeling of not knowing would he make it absolutely tore us all apart.
The realisation of how quickly someone you love so much, the heart of the family, your dad could be taken so suddenly.
He slept for 10 days, heavily sedated but highly monitored by the staff in ICU. What seamed like 10 months, but only 10 days he finally opened his eyes.
Getting the phone call that day saying he was awake, I can’t even begin to tell you how I felt. 
Over the coming weeks he fought so hard battling pneumonia and chest infections.Back and forward to ICU. He finally went back to the ward where he should’ve been the day after the operation. 
Although he still has a long road of recovery ahead, there are no words to truly tell you how grateful I am to have my father here with us, alive today. Life throws us some unrealistic situations but you never think it’ll be you. 
It really puts life into perspective and really makes you realise what’s important and what’s not. We all get wrapped up in the little things in life makeup , fashion , unmaterialistic things but really what you need is always in front of you and if that’s gone you can never replace it.
He’s finally coming home this week to all his girls.
On that note I would like to thank all the staff in Beaumount and The Matter hospital who looked after my father and saved his life.
Thanks for reading.