Neewer Ring Light

So a very popular question lately is where to purchase a ring light and what the quality is like from them.There is a range of ringlights on the market at the minute. Price wise some are very pricey and some not so much.
I had done a lot of research on all different ringlights and set my budget for around €250 for a good ring light. When it comes to taking pictures for the blog or makeup pictures, lighting especially in the winter is horrendous.
So after a good bit of research I decided to go with the Neewer 18″ outer 14″ inner 600W, 5500K Ring Fluorescent light.
You can purchase the light and stand separate, but I got a deal for the light & stand for €150 from Amazon UK. It worked out dearer to order separately to be honest. I didn’t go for the dimmable light as too many reviews said the bulbs go too quick due to altering the light all the time.
It arrived 3 days later and I was so excited to try it out. I’m going to show you a picture with and without the light and no edits.

No light 


With the light 

You can see there is a big difference in the light quality.The ring light picks up the colour intensity better than natural light.
If you are on the market for a ring light for any purpose. This one from Neewer is Perfect. 
Keep your eyes peeled on Amazon for some amazing offers they do have on.
Any questions feel free to ask.
Disclaimer : This post was not paid nor sponsored.