Beauty Deli Flawless Foundation Brush

Hi everyone ,
This week I am back with a post all about The Beauty Deli Flawless Foundation Brush. After seen a range of social media influencers use the brush I decided to hop on the band wagon and purchase one for myself to see what all the fuss was about.
The Beauty Deli is an Irish owned business bringing you all the latest makeup tools and accessories , nail tools , hair tools etc. 
So onto the brush itself. 
This brush is the perfect brush to give a flawless finish to your make up, it's a multi-purpose brush and can be used to apply foundation, concealer and contour.
As the brush is packed with millions of hairs the product doesn't absolved into the brush giving you the most flawless coverage. 
I worked in small sweeping motions as dragging can remove product from the face. Light pressure is all that's needed as the brush does all the work for you.
The head of the brush is very flexible giving you much more freedom with the brush .

It can be used to blend out make up and seamlessly blend contour. The brush is so soft and easy to use while allowing you to work into all different areas of the face.

Applying my foundation is quick and easy with the flawless foundation brush giving an even and perfectly blended look each time.
I'v had the brush for exactly one month and I literally haven't stopped using it. It's also very affordable at only €10. 

Maintaining the brush.

I wash the brush once a week with warm water and baby shampoo and leave to air dry facing down.
I hands down love this brush and have never used anything like it before. Since using it over on my snapchat followers  have since purchased it and absolutely love it.
You can see me use it in multiple videos  here :

Or heres a look I created using the brush for foundation , concealer, contouring .
If you would like to purchase yours you can here .
They ship also ship internationally.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.
Disclaimer: I Was not paid to speak about this product.